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Stevie Nicks Has Still Got It

Jeff Prince
Stevie Nicks put her 63-year-old heart and soul into Friday night’s concert at Verizon Theatre and let everyone know she’s still rock royalty. She was talkative for a change and dished up far more stage patter than ...

Stevie Nicks, Gay Icon

Jimmy Fowler
One of my humble missions on this big blue marble is to expand the notion of what a gay icon is. And people, you won’t find a bigger gay magnet than the white winged dove, the leather and lace-clad gypsy, the Welsh witch hers...

Breaking News: Taylor Swift Sucks

Jimmy Fowler
Like most of America in September 2009, I was harrumphing about what an asshole Kanye West was for interrupting sweet urchin Taylor Swift’s MTV VMA-winning moment. After watching her performance on last night’s Grammy telec...