Like most of America in September 2009, I was harrumphing about what an asshole Kanye West was for interrupting sweet urchin Taylor Swift’s MTV VMA-winning moment. After watching her performance on last night’s Grammy telecast, I now see that West had a point.

I was clued in to Swift’s painful amateurishness a couple of months ago when I first saw that award-winning video for “You Belong With Me.” It was overly packaged and “cute” in the torturous sense of the word. Even studio enhancements couldn’t hide her small, tinny voice. Miley Cyrus sounds like Janis Joplin in comparison.

Fast forward to last night’s Grammys – Taylor’s vocals during the showcase set with Stevie Nicks were loud, flat, and so excruciating even Nicks seemed to flinch. Swift sounded like the Sueleen Gay character in Altman’s “Nashville.” But wait, say the excessively chivalrous – she’s only 20, and needs time to master her musical gifts. Then why the fuck is she winning top honors during the U.S. commercial recording industry’s most important awards night? If songwriting is her primary strength – and the jury is still out on that – then she needs to sweep the ASCAP awards instead.


Last year, an extraordinary 22 year old British singer-songwriter named Adele won Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocals with her sophisticated soul and jazz inflections. Apparently, not all Grammy voters are driven by some combination of hype and misguided sympathy, but those who are long ago made these awards a joke among serious music lovers. As one anti-Taylor Swift blog post noted: “It’s a good thing for her they listen with their eyes instead of their ears.”


  1. Lol, this blog fails. Taylor Swift is an amazing talent. She may not have the strongest voice among all of the nominees, but her Album was incredibly critically and commercially successful. It’s an amazing production for someone of any age, let alone a 19 year-old. As an artist, she’s an amazing package.

  2. The joke is that hip hop is thought of as music. Truth be told, Lil Wayne really sucks. Anyway, Taylor Swift may not be George Jones or Willie Nelson, but she has delighted many of us country & western music fans, even though her style has contributed to shifting this genre away from tradition. But hey, music naturally evolves. Besides, Taylor Swift is gorgeous!

  3. I didn’t watch the grammys and to be totally honest I never paid any attention to her until all my facebook friends began posting their outrages at her grammy wins yesterday. I checked out the videos of her to see for myself how bad she really was. My honest opinion is that I have heard really really bad karaoke singers do a better job than that little girl. If there ever was any question, this solidifies the absolute fact in the end that the Grammys are of absolutely no merit whatsoever. We need a new truly prestigious award in which music the likes of taylor swift would be heard for all of 10 seconds and promptly tossed into the garbage.

  4. Taylor swift does not suck.Shes the best.We all got diffrent opoinons and that doesnt mean share them.You could hurt peaples feelings if they saw that because some of us like Taylor Swift

  5. Sorry.. but Taylor Swift cannot sing “Live” End of Story.
    Enjoy the ride Taylor its gonna be a short one.

    AutoTune can Make ANYONE sound Great in the Studio!

    That was the Worst Garmmy perfromance I can remember in a long time.

  6. I’m still cleaning the blood out of my ears after hearing once again Taylor Swift butcher another American Classic. You think she would of learned her lesson after that def lepard depacle. In the words of not the real michael bolton..”she’s a no talent ass clown!”

  7. I have to say I totally agree with you. I could not believe my ears last night. How could this person win a grammy award??? It is sad to me that so many people must have a tin ear to think this girl is worthy of winning a grammy award. Please…..What is the music world coming to?

  8. Taylor’s album did so well because of two reasons: 1st and most importantly she co-wrote with classy, talented writers who were able to take her in the direction of a well written song.
    2ndly the album was extremely well produced and with today’s technology you can make anyone sound good. Taylor’s success is based on the fact that she speaks to the heart of all the teenage drama queens with their angst about lost love and broken hearts. But as a performer: SHE SUCKS OUT LOUD!!!!! Last nights Grammy win was a “sorry Kanya was an asshole last year award.” Last night you could visably see Stevie Nicks wince when singing with Taylor and I’m sure she was thinking how could someone so cute sing soooooooo off key? One would think that Stevie would consider this to be one of the “low-lights” of her professional career. It was more than painful it made the neighborhood dogs houl! However, Taylor’s success will continue until her teenage followers grow up and learn what real music is supposed to sound like. In the meantime..Taylor’s people need to point her in the direction of a vocal coach so the girl stops embarrasing herself every time she performs live!!!!!!

  9. Anybody who thinks Taylor Swift has a shred of talent is tone deaf themselves. Therefore, your opinion is rendered void.

    And all these people who talk about how “young” she is must fail to remember the Jackson 5, and the plethora of other artists who were exponentially more talented than her at much younger an age.

    Lets talk about facts:

    Fact #1: Taylor’s parents are absolutely loaded. Her daddy bought her fame. That’s the only way you can explain her success.

    Fact #2: Taylor’s ego is too big to realize she sucks. We make fun of Brittney Spears, but hey, at least she has enough common sense to
    realize she needs pitch correction.

    Fact #3: If no one knew who Taylor Swift was, and she tried out for American Idol TODAY, she would be kicked out the first round. I know this because I’ve heard better singers than her get kicked out the first round.

    Taylor has been giving horrible live performances since she began her career. It’s one thing to suck at first, then progress as years pass… well, we’ve been listening to Taylor for 4 years now, and she hasn’t improved at all. So either she’s lazy, or no one will tell her how bad she is for fear of hurting her poor little 20-year-old feelings.

    As a musician, Taylor Swift is the ultimate embarrassment. And if I were an artist who has won a Grammy, I’d probably think a lot less of it’s value now that Taylor has won FOUR.

    There’s absolutely no way anyone can make an argument that Swift has any right to share the stage with the REAL talent she was in the midst of last night…

    If I were Stevie Nicks, I would have killed myself by now.

    Grammys now OFFICIALLY mean nothing. Thanks Taylor.

  10. Taylor swift sucks live the mtv awards she sucked singing her own song and last nights live performace showed she can not perform live and should stop. I feel bad for stevie nicks, She is the one that had to sing with this girl…. Please join the Stop Taylor swift from performing live group.

  11. Taylor Swift with all do respect is a non talented singer, didnt say anything about her writing but the poor dope CAN’T SIGN!! COME ON PEOPLE!?!?! Are we back in the bush era once again?!? this is worse than a cover up, our kids are learning that you can suceed even if you are a non talented looser singer like TS. im done with the grammys

  12. I haven’t watch the grammy’s in years and from the clips I’ve seen and heard, I won’t anytime soon. From the songs I”ve heard and from her performance last night, Swift is the Britney of country music. She’s a totally studio artist…live she’s awful. Putting Swift on stage with a rock legend and pro like Stevie Nicks was a really, really bad idea..and it showed.

  13. Well said OP and Matt. Well fucking said. I have been saying this girl sucks for years.

    This sums up the collective intelligence and maturity of her listeners:

    “Taylor swift does not suck.Shes the best.We all got diffrent opoinons and that doesnt mean share them.You could hurt peaples feelings if they saw that because some of us like Taylor Swift”

    Nuff said.

  14. “I think the Grammys are nothing more than some gigantic promotional machine for the music industry. They cater to a low intellect and they feed the masses. They don’t honor the arts or the artist for what he created. It’s the music business celebrating itself. That’s basically what it’s all about.”

    – Maynard James Keenan, Tool

  15. I thought Taylor Swift was great last night. I just can’t figure out why they teamed her with that skinny little drag queen boy who couldn’t sing. What’s that, Stevie Nicks was the hot chick with the awesome voice. I just assumed that with a name like Stevie, it must be a guy. In that case, Stevie Nicks was awesome and whoever that skinny little drag queen guy they teamed her with was really bad. Nice wig, but the makeup was bad. Could still tell it was a dude. And the singing was atrocious.

  16. I think that Taylor’s people should come up with a great idea…do you remember Milli Vanilli?
    Honestly, album of the year to a little girl who cannot sing and writes good for high school songs? Come on, what are they going to think in Europe if the best album of the year is so bad and sung by somebody who would never be able to get the yellow “you are going to hollywood” pass on American Idol?
    I can already imagine Simon’s “No honey, singing is not for you” comment.

  17. Thank you!! Taylor was AWFUL! Off key and poor Stevie must have felt so disrespected. I just dont get it.

    Incredible artists like GAGA and Beyonce being beat out by this girl for album of the year. Who votes on this. teenyboppers? Nothing is making sense in the music world.

    Why not have Robert Downey Jr sing? He is amazing. nope lets honor some kid who cant sing because some mean guy disrespected her on the stage. Sad

  18. OMG. Scott…no one is saying that she can’t song-write or that her album is not well produced, or that writing such an amount of hits is not incredible for a 19 yr old or a 20 yr old or even a 22 yr old for that matter.
    We are saying that she has horrible vocals and is a disgrace for an award show of the caliber of the mighty Grammys, a presentation that most of the world has grown up viewing as a representation of the industry’s BEST.

  19. Lets be honest. Taylor Swift doesn’t produce anything for these albums. She’s a small piece in a huge team of individuals whose sole goal is to advance mediocre music for money. Taylor Swift is marketable: blonde haired, pleasantly pretty yet far from slutty, and enough talent to rival other pop singers. Problem is, this music requires little to know talent to produce. The instrumentals are carbon copies of other pop-country hits, the lyrics lack any depth, and her voice is weak at best. Taylor Swift will have her day in the sun, make a few bucks, and then fade into background of this incredibly forgettable era of music.

  20. P.S. Since when is writing lyrics that impressive for a 19 year old when the lyrics aren’t that good?

    Here are a few people who started young who actually had talent.

    Bod Dylan – 18
    James Taylor – 20
    Stevie Wonder – 11
    Ray Charles – 17
    Aretha Franklin – 18

  21. ya its so not cute anymore i feel like ppl just feel bad for her bcuz of kanye. if he hadnt interupted her speech no one would b giving a shit about taylor right now. and i dont get how u lose album of the year after uve had 4 #1 hit singles in a row to taylor who hasnt had that yet and never will. poor gaga she wuz totally robbed

  22. I don’t know what the hell this country is thinking lately but Taylor Swift is getting way more awards than she will ever deserve. I have heard that her father is very rich and he bought her way in to the business. Yes, she is a fairly decent songwriter but her voice is so immature and wavering that she makes me want to turn off the radio or television whenever I hear her straining to hit even the easiest notes. She sounds more like a twelve year old than a nineteen year old or whatever she is. You people that think she is God’s gift to the music world need to take serious look at her again. Many very talented people are losing awards to her just because you all had to jump on the bandwagon. Get a life an wake up!

  23. I was fuming when she won album of the year! This girl would never make it past the first round of judging on American Idol and here she is beating out real singers like Carrie Underwood and Beyonce for these awards. I can’t believe that she could possibly have any longevity in this business. Hopefully she’s just a ridiculous, passing fad! I couldn’t believe my ears last night when she was singing. Obviously anyone who thinks she can sing is tone deaf!

  24. How somebody can win a Grammy that can barely sing a tune!!! LOL Yes! Taylor not so swift. All year she has won awards. People have you ever listen closely to her vocals? Yes she can write her own music and pull through it but yuck did anybody see her sing the duet with Stevie Nicks?? SHE SUCKED!!! She was flat 50% of the time too!

    I have been playing guitar making music writing music etc since 1978 bla bla bla and can hear the horror that comes from her lungs. OK, she is young and all the kids lover her! Cool, but let’s give awards for talent not just a popular vote every time, peace out!

    Everyone loves her cause she’s young and writes her own stuff but little girl cannot sing that well and she basically ruined a classic…

  25. Talor Swift’s inability to perform live is offensive and embarassing, seeing as how she’s made it to the Grammys, it just makes me sad for all musicians out there who are struggling with heaps of talent. Grammy’s has lost all credibility in my eyes yesterday.

  26. All of her songs sound exactly alike. She definitely has Kanye West to thank for all of this! Lady Gaga is strange, but unlike Taylor, she can sing and deserved to win.

  27. Anyone see Stevie Nicks snorting lines backstage after that? It would be hard to blame her for dropping off the truck after having to deal with that no-talent broad.

  28. Taylor swift does not suck nd whoever says that she does is some piece of shit !!! she is herself nd that is what makes her the best!!! she has an amazing voice. so all u assholes who r talking shit about her should shut the hell up!!! Taylor ur the best nd u sing really good!!!

  29. I’m still venting at the fact that that talentless cookie cutter beat the Dave Matthews Band. I have lost all faith in the music industry from here on out. I mean how do shallow lyrics beat something as beautiful as ” you and me, we’re not tied to the ground…”
    Man, people suck really bad. =(

  30. Figure this, Lionel Richie, who penned hits for the Commodores and who ruled the urban/contemporary/pop charts in the 80’s has four grammys. Taylor Swift won four grammys in one night. Whether you like Mr. Richie’s music or not, I’ve never heard him give an off key pitchy performance. Taylor Swift should not have won album of the year period. Every musician in the room, who can hear pitch correctly, knows that these awards are political bullshit.

    The industry needs to give DMB what they deserve.

  31. Her singing is better than her guitar playing. Taylor 4 Neil Young 1. Beyonce couldn’t hit the soft notes either. Its like Shania Twan all over again.I feel for all those great singers that can’t get a break.Luckily we have Susan Boyle who was awesome in her concert bar one song.The greatest singer in my opinion(and in most folk circles) isn’t even known in Canada.Listen to Stan Rogers. If you can’t perform with a huge live audience you are in the wrong business. Her lyrics for anybody over 25 are middle school C+. The same happens in acting where theater performers who can sing, dance and act have 2nd jobs and the actors on TV are making millions. It is ironic in a time that we have American Idol (singing with nowhere to hide)that singers like Taylor swift and Beyonce get any recognition. i feel sorry for those people who haven’t heard real music that makes you tingle and feel good.

  32. What is all the hype about Taylor Swift and why is she winning all these awards????? She is horrible! I’ve been in the music business and song a lot over the past 20 years. She can NOT sing live and it was very painful last night. Yet she won some awards. People say because she is 19……… Well there are plenty of people younger than 19 who have more talent. Even Amer Idol can do better and that show has lost it’s credibility. Good luck Taylor, but please don’t subject your “talent” to those of us who think you have been over exposed.

  33. I was very disappointed in the overall “Album of the year” pick… and it looked like most didn’t waste anytime after her short speech to get the fuck out of the Staple Center. Her duo with Stevie Nicks was an absolute downer. I’d get better results firing up my old 45 record player, dusting off the speakers and turning up the treble. Sorry don’t like the Swift Taylor hype!

  34. Well, I don’t know how to break this to you guys……but….you made her! And if you have the cajones, you can speak up on a national level and do something about it. The reason why she’s big is 10 million dollars. Period. It can buy fame. Let me ask you this…if she wrote those songs in school, why is Liz Rose getting co-write credits? Was she in the classroom? At what point do we stand up for true talent, and make our voices heard that we’re not putting up with this crap? No wonder people are stealing music….who would buy that? will say this though…she does have confidence!!! Oh, and when you’re hearing finger picking and seeing strumming…usually a dead giveaway that she’s not playing.

  35. TAYLOR SWIFT SUCKED! I had no idea her real voice was so awful. Whatever happened to talented musicians and singers that can actually sing without computer-enhanced filters. Listening to Taylor Swift was painful!!!

  36. Taylor did not win her awards for her vocals!!!! Because she does not have any! You can make any one sound good in a studio. She can continue to write her love songs for the 10, 11, 12, and 13 year olds but let someone else sign them. So over rated…Since her parents have money it makes you wonder how much they are paying to get her off key daughter live performances and awards! Hey Taylor, with all that money go buy yourself some boobs…you are flat as a broad!


  38. anyone think maybe she just had a bad monitor mix and she couldn’t hear herself?

    If so, then watch her Saturday Night Live performance for more hound dog howl inducing noise.

    The girl cannot sing, but country so desperately wanted a Hannah Montana / Britnet Spears

  39. Here is what the WASHINGTON POST has to say about Taylor’s performance at the Grammys:
    “Another fairy tale evening for Taylor Swift? Not quite. Yes, the country-pop princess took home the most-coveted Grammy of the evening – Album of the Year – for her juggernaut “Fearless.” But a couple of hours before that she took the stage and sang. Or did something resembling singing. To borrow a phrase from Montgomery Burns it was more “off-key caterwauling.” To be kind. After a bit of “Today Was a Fairytale,” Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks came out and the pair warbled at each other during the classic Mac song “Rhiannon” before Swift finished with “You Belong With Me” as a dazed Nicks stood in the background shaking a tambourine. MTV has a clip of the footage – it gets bad right around the 20 second mark. Even before the performance was over the instant critics on Twitter had weighed in. And they were not impressed. At all.

    After the jump, a sampling of some harsh tweets…

    @Borowitz Report Satan Chooses Taylor Swift Performance as Ringtone

    @questlove dear kanye im sorry

    @Borowitz Report: God Hoping Taylor Swift Does Not Thank Him

    @jfdulac Wifey, listening to Taylor on the #Grammys: “She couldn’t even get into the chamber choir at my high school singing like that.”

    @Borowitz Report T-Pain Hired to Autotune Taylor Swift at 2011

    @idolator How suitable: that guy from #americanidol introduces @taylorswift13, who — we have to say — sounds a little pitchy, dawg.

    @harvilla taylor swift’s career singing on live television should’ve gotten an “in memorium” nod

    @Kiarri Last year the big battle was between Rihanna & C Brown. This year the fight was between Taylor Swift & pitch.

    @jjjrrr Dear Taylor Swift, the music store called, you left your pitch on the counter with your lip gloss

    @jeffstearns Taylor Swift? More like Francis Scott Off-Key, am I right?

    @feliciapollack Taylor Swift can’t sing. She sounds like she’s playing “Rock Band” in her basement.

    @JenRBoyd Oh boy. Taylor Swift’s pitch is flatter than a pancake tonight. Bless her heart

    @ianfrancisbush I am starting a disaster relief fund to get Taylor Swift a chromatic tuner. “

  40. I’m sooo happy that the world is finally seeing how horrible Taylor Swift is!!! The only reason she won the awards is because everyone’s still feeling sorry for what Kanye West did to her! F THAT!! She cannot carry a tune if her life depended on it. I could be a star with all the right support, and I would be able to sing in key!! Taylor Swift needs to be shot down more often and stop making music!!

  41. Thank you for publishing this! How can you sound that bad and win album of the year. REALLY???? America wake up and quit thinking just because she’s pretty with long blonde hair that she’s good. It’s sooo painful!!! You made my day…sorry Taylor lovers, you all suck too!

  42. To be fair, songwriting, production value and fan/industry reception have a lot more to do with what makes an album of the year than actual vocal expertise does. If we were going on vocal talent alone, you could probably name 50+ people out there who were more vocally talented than Michael Jackson.

    Not a sermon, just a thought.

    And there’s nothing wrong with being pretty.

  43. With all of the obvious help Taylor Swift receives on her hair, makeup, and wardrobe, why can’t she she get a decent voice coach? They are not expensive to hire (certainly compared to renting designer gowns), and they can turn average singers (like Swift) into top notch vocalists. Many of the mistakes that Swift makes (e.g. the difficulty holding pitch, the breathiness, the lack of resonance in her low register) could be corrected if she worked with a good voice teacher — these are all common and well understood problems with known solutions. I just hope that she spends some of her recent earnings on improving her vocal technique so that she can prove Kanye wrong.

  44. From the first time I heard her I was dumbfounded that she made the radio. There is SO MUCH good talent out there. Then, these past years, winning awards like she is, now I’m just DISGUSTED. Her songs are monotone, sound the same, etc. then add the fact she can’t stay on pitch, yikes. I am sure she is really a nice genuine person, but a singer, NO.

  45. I will come back here often to relish these comments. I thought maybe I had gone tone deaf because I was in the minority of those that couldn’t bear to hear Swift’s voice. Her songs all sound the same to me. And songwriting skills? Is she going to be writing songs about high school until she has grandkids? Write the high school songs and then hand them over to those that are in high school and that CAN sing! Selena Gomez comes to mind.

  46. Ok, Taylor Swift has a pitiful little voice. And she really can’t write songs either. Her melodies are just one note repeated over and over again. Makes it hard to understand how she manages to be out of tune when she’s singing one note all the time, but, that is what is happening. And a duet with Stevie Nicks, who’s not all that in tune as far as a singer goes either… pretty scary stuff.

  47. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks she sucks. I thought that her performance on the Grammy’s was crap. And BTW her performance on SNL a few months ago was also for me to Poop on!

  48. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taylor swift is honestly so overrated. everything about her is staged. all she does is say what people want to hear and hide behind her cute and innocent reputation. it makes me sick. there is nothing genuine about her. her songs are about middle school (high school if shes feeling like a big girl that day) and all sound the same. she doesn’t deserve the attention or praise she has received, and then there are the grammys….are you f’ng kidding me?! there are so many artists that have more talent in their pinky fingers than she has in her entire bean stock body. she needs to be knocked down off of her pedestal. i wish everybody would start seeing her for what she really is. an overrated fake.

  49. I’m not going to attack Taylor Swift. Honestly, I can see why her songs appeal to young girls…and she is pretty and wholesome so parents don’t mind buying her music for their kids. Her awards weren’t based on talent but on record sales. Rihanna is, arguably, in the same boat. She’s not the greatest singer but she’s hot and she makes her record label a LOT of money. It does suck for artists out there who have real, raw talent (even without background vocals or music). People like Maxwell who insanely JUST one his FIRST Grammy this year. Makes no sense!

  50. Thank you so much for putting this article out there. After I saw her “comedic” performance on SNL I cringed, then when she actually sang I had to mute the tv. She was TERRIBLE. I understand that young girls relate to her and she’s safe for parents, and that’s fine but the Grammys c’mon! When an album, and I’ve actually HEARD it, revolves around being in her mid-teens and liking boys who, GASP, don’t like her back- wins the grammy for BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR? What the hell? Isn’t that what Nikelodeon awards shows are for? Don’t infilitrate adult awards shows.

  51. Do not worry people you will be hearing her on Adult Easy LIstening soon, she is just the darling of the moment, She does have the ‘sweet’ act down. Can’t wait to see her in rehab

  52. I just want toThank You for writing this……….I have been amazed how no one has ever been honest when it comes to Taylor…..I have been a long time country music fan and remember her first interview on cmt….I never thought she would make it very far without the vocals to back it. I am happy for her she is living her dream, and now every little girl can believe it can happen to them. She is beautiful and seems to have her head on straight which is great… but I have always wondered why no one heard what I did…bad voice…I am glad someone finally said it, Does she really write her own songs???? Who knows for sure!!!! We do know what her voice really sounds like live…Radio another story. Wake up world she is not all that..Support real talent

  53. I gave her credit when she came out with her first song; she was new to the industry, she was young, and pretty innocent. But enough is enough, I want to know if she has any songs about that are NOT about boys. Come on grow up! With all the meaningful things you could sing about at 20, you sing about the kid who didn’t like you freshman year when everyone is still a gawky tween? When she says she sings about the events in her life she should mention that they are about half a decade old. Hearing her whine makes me cringe and her music is not country or pop it’s a sad excuse for both. It hurts me when she is compared to Carrie Underwood whose voice is gorgeous. And if she is young and not mature enough give her the grammy when she deserves it and matures, don’t use them as excuses. At 17 some of my classmates would not only make her look like a five year old singer,but could snatch up that Grammy faster than the “teardrops on her guitar” resulting from loss.

  54. “To be fair, songwriting, production value and fan/industry reception have a lot more to do with what makes an album of the year than actual vocal expertise does.”

    Okay, well, then why did she also when a grammy for “BEST FEMALE VOCALIST” ??

    You may be able to give her an award for songwriting (barely)… or album sales, etc… but best female vocalist?


  55. Thank you SO much for writing this!
    First of all “If we were going on vocal talent alone, you could probably name 50+ people out there who were more vocally talented than Michael Jackson.” Michael Jackson is THE most phenomenal performer of our time. His vocal and dancing skills have become the stuff of legends AND he’s been named Artist of the Century by The Guiness Book of World Records. Sorry, but being a huge Michael Jackson fan I could NOT let that pass.

    Anyways, I’m very glad that you’ve posted this about Taylor Swift because I’ve always wondered why everyone is so hyped up about her album. Frankly, Swift is a feminist’s nightmare who can’t hold a tune to save her life you’ve probably guessed it, but I’m a pretty fierce feminist and I found Taylor Swift’s lyrics despicable). Furthermore, her writing skills are mediocre. Practically all of her songs follow the same chord progression and the similarity of her lyrics are laughable.
    Granted, she is an exceptionally pretty girl however, when you’re dealing with the Grammys, looks should not be a factor in the slightest.

    If girls are using Taylor Swift as a role-mode, I shudder to think how many weak, naive and boy-crazy women we will be having in our future society. Personally, if I ever have children, I would like them to use celebrities like Michelle Rodriguez as their role-model- a woman who’s strong, independant and very intelligent.

    I truly hope that this Taylor Swift craze that is coming from weakly developed minds (and musical taste) is just a phase that we will rapidly be rid of.

  56. Not that I’m a Miley fan but at the 2009 Grammys already, Taylor couldn’t shine. This year it was just a disaster and I cannot believe what goes on around here. She can’t sing shit period. If she’d be an American Idol contestant she wouldn’t even make it through the castings. Songwriting?? Yeah, if you have the mind of a 14 year old teenager. I’m now beginning to understand why Kanye had the urge to go on stage…

  57. Thank god people are coming around. Since her start I’m enamoured as to how someone with low-mid level talent can go up the charts at such a high pace. Dead on when people say pretty face. As a communication major….in almost any medium (except possibly radio) good looks trumps good voice/skills. Who cares if she write her own songs…theryre horrible. It honestly reminds me of what they did with Britney spears, except at least Britney acknowledged her sexuality was her call to fame. Granted it screwed her up for life…but she admits it. Swift is another in a long line of Disney….or near Disney “talents” that young children are BOMBARDED with constantly on tv. Google disneys sex scandals….as in the sexual or sexually explicit images that have shown up in many Disney movies…that Ariel mermaid movie, Aladdin, i think even seven dwarfs, all have subliminal sexual images that u have to slow down the footage to really catch…but sure enough there they are. As most of you know…who are clearly the few people with brains left in the United STates of Advertising…wait…I mean America..America is going downhill very quickly. Economically, financially, morally you name it. Anyone else notice the little preteens dressing up like hookers? If not that they dress up like they are 27 yrs Old going out to a bar or club… to school! I’m young, and things weren’t great then. Now they basically got girls gone wild in every high school in America…they send girls home for wearing too little constantly. The “future” of America is what that generation holds dear to them… And sadly most kids now days are so spoiled and selfish…that if America even lasts that long, by the time they start “running” the world that real issues like starving children, genocide in Africa, etc will be put on the backburner bc they would rather watch damned Hannah Montana. Has anyone with a sound mind wathched that show? It’s literally mind numbing. I especially love the canned laughter, bc clearly they couldn’t find any audience dumb enough to be entertained by the show for even 30 min. I truly am disappointed in what America has turned into. No wonder the rest of the world no longer looks up to us…they despise us….as well they should. Wish there was more we can do, but the majority of people pass up chances to help each other to go home and watch their TiVo Hannah Montana episode…or american idol…survivor. U may or may nit realize it….but television is the easiest and best way to keep an enormous population hellbent on laziness and apathy….an outlet. People sit in front of tv like they used to sit in churches. They make their own religion, where they are righteous and everyone else must be wrong for their beliefs. Guess what….everyone can’t be right. No matter what is actually right, huge populations who believe in whatever is wrong, just go to hell for believing the wrong thing? Maybe instead of worrying so much about the pathetic lives of Taylor swift, drunk ass kanye, or whatever other pop stars you waste you time following….maybe you should worry about urself. Worry about whether if there is a all knowing powerful god…what he would think of our pathetic civilization. We call ourselves civilized. But are we? Are we really any better off that say….the close knit Native American tribes who in my opinion…focused on what matters in the real world. Family, honor, compassion, love, faith….not tv, Hannah Montana, taylow swift and her boyfriend that week, worry bout ur own life and not people who clearly DO NOT deserve the attention we give them. The only reason they are where they are is bc we are stupid enough to care or watch. If children weren’t so deluded and focused on the wrong things, Taylor swift would NEVER have gotten famous…EVER. These are the people u want ur children looking up to? Well… There’s your explanation as to why the US is in such bad trouble….and please don’t kid yourself into thinking America is “ok”….it just makes you look stupid and nieve. America I beg u to wake up, otherwise this country is going where it is headed now, to complete and utter break down.

  58. Okay, listen. For all you Taylor haters out there….. BACK OFF. I don’t think you guys would like it if it was your picture, your voice, your whatever being criticized and cursed at. She is AMAZING. Not everyone can do what she did…. for one thing selling out EVERY show on her tour…. and wining all those awards. I went to one of her shows on the 2010 tour and she sounded amazing. She danced, she did everything. So don’t post anything if you don’t have anything not nice to say. Ok, so I will admit though that she did sound off key at the Grammys… but still. Thats just one performance out of the many she has done for years.

  59. alright
    you guys STOP hating on taylor.
    she doesnt sing like mariah carey
    because shes taylor swift and thats it
    shes so big because she is herself and its shown through her music
    the grammy performance wasnt bad yes,
    but the year before
    she did great.
    and at the cma music fest. she did fantastic job.
    she needs more practice yes, but you calling her a shit singer,
    makes you no better.

  60. WHAT?!?!?!?! Taylor Swift is the best and always will be. That was just one performance! Look at Miley Cyrus?!?! She SUCKS live! I love taylor swift!!! what’s not to like? She’s drop dead gorgues, amazing voice, smart and sweet! I bet none of you guys could do any better!!!!

  61. She’s an excellent song writer and has a great talent at a young age when it comes to song writing but she is over rated and can’t sing that well. I think she is wholesome and truly into music as a song writer but she needs to get some voice lessons or just stick to song writing…and I don’t think she is all that gorgeous her eyes are too squinty. Reminds me of a cat…..

  62. wow u guys are fucking assholes… back the fuck off. u guys r all jealous cuz taylor is the most beautiful thing on this planet. shes got an awesome voice. i bet half u jewish retards cant sing half as good as her.

  63. Taylor Swift is fantastic. She is talented. beautiful and not egocentric. So she sings about boys and relationships. She is only 20. Her songs will mature as she does. Some people are so critical. Guess they are just jealous.

  64. people who write shit about taylor swift does not even have the balls to do what she does every night going out in front of thundsands of fans and in fact it was her fualt that she sounded flat it was the sound techs that do the tweting to her mic so stop talking about shit you dont under stand

  65. this is ridiculous. taylor doesn’t suck. im not just saying that because i’m a fan. you want suck? go listen to ashlee simpson.
    half of you here probably cant tell the difference between a falsetto and a screech. back off. i would like to see you get on stage in front of millions of people and sound like a god ever time you perform. not everyone is able to sing wonderfully every time. i was at one of her performances and i will admit it wasnt her greatest, but the fact that she can still sing says something. producers dont take you just because youre pretty. miley cyrus can sing too! just because shes had a bad past (like everyone does!!!) everyone hates her! its pointless and foolish to call someone out if you dont even know them as a person. both of these girls are successful because of what they do. there are people out there who love them for their song-writing ability and their music capabilities. being a performer is simple. take a bite of your own critiques and go stand in madison square garden. write a song of your own feelings with no ones help. sing the song and sound like you have no flaws.
    take a shot. anyone. i dare you.

  66. YOU are the ones that SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. How dare you? if u don like it then dont listen, but dont insult, ok? AND TAYLOR SWIFT IS MORE TALENTED/LOVELY/GORGEOUS THAN ALL OF U PUT TOGETHER. I LOVE TAYLOR, she is my idol, and you are total saddos. Leave her alone. She’s just out there doing her thing and btw she has a beautiful voice, beautiful face, beautiful personality. If you think ur better, PROVE IT.

  67. Really…All of you guys are assholes..what you need to realize is that on the night of the grammy’s she was having problem with the sound equipment. But let me ask you this…are any of you making over 12 Mil a year? Are any of you big country stars? Let me guess…the answer is no. Well then just shut the hell up and get over it…Taylor Swift does not suck.

  68. this is simply in poor taste. the bottom of the barrel of journalism. regardless of your opinion of taylor swift the way this article is A) titled and B) written is more painful than any performance ever could be. please take the plank out of your own eye before the splinter in someone else’s. mr fowler i make but one challenge to you. get some class.

    thank you

  69. I’m not a Taylor Swift fan, but I was taught that if you can’t say something good about someone then don’t say anything at all. Maybe all these supposed critics are just wining because they can’t make millions like Taylor.

  70. Taylor Swift is by the far the most genuine celebrity we’ve had in a long time. She doesn’t separate herself from her fans. She has a natural singing voice that sounds pleasant and she won those awards not just for her voice but her fans are voting on not just a singer, but a real person for once. I would never vote for an awesome singer who was a horrible person. Yes, the awards are for singing and not for personality but there are millions of taylor fans who think otherwise and the award should grade on a more broad scale than just singing. Jimmy Fowler, if you post something like this again about someone and cursing just because of their success and you say nothing about her as a person, you might as well resign. In fact, resign now. You have no business being a writer. Any punk kid who hates Taylor could write what you wrote. Get out of my metroplex.

  71. ok has anyone heard that song called still i rise by nicki minaj….and i quote “She get me so sick it make me vomit Dats y I spend my time online leaving comments And u kno dat I got sum more haters with me…” thats what these people on here are exactly like…..just haterz!!! leave taylor alone

  72. Sorry Swetteque…. I have to side with Bekky on this one. What made MJ an anomoly and exceptionally succesful was that he had the whole package. Unfortunately in this industry, people get caught up in the hype and the objective of any artist when the curtains close, is to ENTERTAIN. Hence, the reason Madonna, Brittney Spears & Lady Gaga have attained major success, without extraordinary vocal abilities. On the flipside, there were those who lacked in showmanship but whose vocal abilities were so beyond the norm that their voice cariied them i.e. Mariah, Whitney, Aretha, Luther, Celine, Anita, Steve Perry, and the list can go on….
    In every decade you get a handful of artist who CAN sing, entertain and are unique: Elvis, Michael, Cindy Lauper, Freddy Mercury, Shania, and this list can go on also…
    What these individuals share are the imprinted vocal identity or brand that is unique to the artist. Case in point, any song that is played by these individuals can be clearly matched with the artist. Have you ever heard a Micheal Jackson or Elvis Presley song that you couldn’t tell it was Elvis or MJ?
    Bob Marley was not a superb vocalist but it is this uniqueness which earned him legendary status….. I know; I’m from the Caribbean.
    The problem with today’s artists, is that almost everyone sounds the same! I turn on the radio and can’t tell if it’s Taylor Swift or some up and coming tweeny bopper.
    Another great way to appraise the natural talent of an artist, is to listen to the buzz of those within the industry or fellow artists. Often when MJ did collaborations with other artists, they were in awe or caught off guard by his vocal ability, because they assumed his dancing and flashy presentations were a diversion from his lacking vocals, but when the mic was on and the background silent he could still deliver. In fact the talent present at “we are the world” would’ve been enough to upstage his so-so singing….
    Unfortunately these days, everybody and their daddy gets a record deal as potential cash cow. Case in point- could chart topper Justin Beiber hold a candle vocally to a 12 yr old Michael Jackson?

  73. leave the little girl alone she doesn’t suck the maggots in the studios suck you would jump at the chance to be in her shoes so who cares if the girl makes some money it won’t last forever did you see Tiffany in Mega Piranha and Debbie Gibson in Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus wow she has got a future as a mediocre actor too.

  74. Finally somone gets it! and for those who say we’re jealous b/c she’s prettier o=than us seriously? 1 you have never met us or seen us so u can’t say that, and two i bet we would all look gorgeous with 5lbs of makeup on. Jeesh, just b/c u wear a mask of makeup doesnt mean your pretty.
    Anyway, she can’t sing to saveher life and her songs are dreadful, they’re all the same thing. She’s always ACTING so innocent. she didn’t deserve anything from the grammy’s. They should’ve taken them all back after her performance. Anybody can sound decent with the technologly these days.
    As for her being country PLEASE she is no where near being real country. Its pop. I hate it when my friends say the only country they listen to is her. I mean think about it you don’t like country music but you listen to her, isn’t that a sign that she’s not country? I was rooting for Kanye. He had the balls to speak the truth. I was so glad somone finally kicked her off her pedastal and told her she sucked to her face. She’s way too fake

  75. Ok for all of you Taylor haters out there you really need to get your ears checked because first of all she is the best singer out there and you are all so dumb and retarded that you don’t know good music when you hear it. So back the heck off!

  76. i am a big fan of taylor swift (i’m a guy) i dont think her singing is good and i dont think she deserves all those awards , but also i dont think you guys should fucking hate on her cuz you guys suck dicks and are jealous. honestly she has worked hard and makes her fans happy.


  77. most music winning awards is about “the big machine/marketing”…
    AND she’s darn cute. end of story.

    don’t watch that stuff & barely listen to the radio. it’s not like there’s a new Beatles or anything. sorry to say, u gotta search hard for real music.

  78. I aint a big fan of hers either…but you know whats REALLY FUNNY ??? Do ya..she’s makein money and singing on just about every stage you can think of..and ya’ll aint… West the black peice of drunk trash he IS sux himself …. I do like Beyonce and my opinion is she IS BETTER than T.S.. I seen West’s point BUT it aint his place to walk on stage and act like a peice drunk black trash he is…. Yeah I said it… I aint racist but thats what he is” black trash”…I had to put that in there cause all ya’ll would call me racist …oh well

  79. I’m sorry but she can’t sing. She’s tone-deaf and waaaaay overrated. How she ever got into the country category is beyond me because she ain’t country, she’s pop trash.

  80. You people are shot. Who carrrrrres if you hate Taylor Swift. She’s still FARRR better than any of you will ever be 🙂 I don’t see any of you winning anything but the prize inside of a Cracker Jack box. Get lives and don’t listen to her if you don’t like her…DUHHHH!!! LOSERS.

  81. & It would be HILARIOUS to see you people being famous and having people criticize you for every little move you make. She is like what…19??? and she handles herself better than most people!!! She didn’t cry on stage with Kanye, which I’m sure most if not all of you would have ran off crying in shock and embarrassment, she had a, “WTF???” look on her face and handled herself like a fricken CHAMP!!! Kanye is an ADULT and should have acted like one. Remember the things you say via the internet and remember that you would NEVER say those things in person 🙂 I bet you would ASK for her autograph not tell her she sucked!!! ahahahahahhahahah & I bet I just called about 90% of you out on your crappy nonsense bullshit that comes out of your mouths….I mean, fingertips.

  82. AMEN Krissy….Its not hard to change the station if you dont like her… My 13 year old loves her …I deal with her music it dont make my ears bleed…Country aint country anymore…More like Pop Country…. Im a regular ol’ country music fan… Merral Haggard , Hank, I dont dog something I dont like just because I dont like it..except Kanye “BLACK TRASH” West…. Dont be a hypocrite… you dont like her fine dont be jelous and hate on her…just cause haters are losers and you prolly come from a LONG line of losers like everyone else in your family….. Again Krissy well said…

  83. The article isn’t about turning a station so you wouldn’t have to listen to her it’s about how she’s been winning all these top notch awards with her vocals. Yeah, Swift didn’t cry when Kanye West took the stage, but she should have stuck up for herself instead of just standing there. Most people I know would have done that much, not cry. It takes a lot of mental strength to be famous no doubt. Also just because some one has an opinion about something doesn’t make them a hater. We give opinions everyday, but just because it’s a bad one it makes you a hater? I could say you’re hating on Kanye West because you called him”black trash” ever think about that? It makes me sick when people want to tell you one thing, but step back and contradict themselves.

  84. People ” Face the Fact” she may be a sweet innocent young woman, but the TRUTH remains the same, “She just can’t SING!

  85. first, we dont need to call kanye west “black trash”. Mike, you say that you are a father; hopefully youre not teaching your children to hate. secondly, as an OFFICIAL music insider, i can tell you that there is major industry backlash against her, which is completely unfair, but not unjustifiable. in a nutshell, she cannot sing and winona was so right: she should not be winning these major awards with a very, very subpar level of talent. she simply is not good enough to be winning album of the year grammys.

  86. She sucks, plain and simple… I am not sure who did who to get her all of her awards, but she sure did not earn them on talent. Kanye West was 100% justified in what he did…

  87. kanye is a punk ass cry baby. first its the president hates black people then he acts like an ass and wonders why people hate black people, there is only one type of black people and he is one and he ruins it for the african americans. everyone is equal until you act like him…..nacka

  88. Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:Taylor Swift is the best, and to Kayne West he is okayyyy!!! But Tay Swift, is my fave country singer so yeahhh, dont go hating on her when she didn’t even do nothing. (:

  89. Okay, just because Taylor Swift did bad, doesn’t mean that she sucks!! I bet you suck at writing reviews because you bring people down!!

  90. Amateurishness? How ironic a ‘professional’ writer would even try to use this word, among other amateur words in this piece.

    Clean your own house.

    I pity you.

  91. hey taylor underwood chick STFU first off, learn how to effin spell, i am sooo sick and damn tired of teenagers using indirect and mispelled grammer, and whats this? you think everyone should agree with you because”tay swift is my most favoritest siger in the whel werld” thats how you type, deal with it and go to hell

  92. This is garbage. It’s said that anyone with a computer can make it into a fine publication such as this one. I could put the writer down in so many ways, but I’ll just save my energy by reminding the writer that whether you think she can sing or not, she sells albums, makes huge hits, and wins awards…all while being under 21. All you got to show in your life was an editorial article bashing someone who is clearly more talented at writing than you are. Way to go!

  93. I also want to point out:

    “i am sooo sick and damn tired of teenagers using indirect and mispelled grammer, and whats this?”

    You’ve misspelled “misspelled” and “grammar.”

  94. Who’s making millions doing what they love? Not you. So shut the fuck up you synical bitch and get a fucking life. stop ragging on innocent teenage girls who are more successful than you’ll ever be. Kthanksbyee.

  95. HEY TKM………..Who contradict themselves me ???? First I never said Kanye was a bad artist , entertainer or rapper ….or what ever it is he does… You know if someone like David Alen Coe did at the CMA’s or CMT’s awards the Kanye did I would be saying he was a white trash drunk peice of shit…That still dont make him a bad artist or entertainer… You need to pay attention to what you read and understand it before you fuckin say im contradicting myself…….

  96. Having read this uninformative hit-piece I must say that the writer appears to be lacking ability in his craft, and a lack of any sense of shame for putting his name to it. It is a shame when, as Frank Sinatra said, “writers who knew better words now only use four-letter words writing prose.” I think it is perfectly acceptable to make thoughtful critiques of an artist’s ability, but pettiness should not be considered acceptable in a decent publication.

    Last September I too remember feeling like the media was going overboard, but most people have come to understand that the media loves overkill. Take for example the recent Tiger Woods scandal: news updates every day, updates from every sports network, interrupting radio broadcasts to play his press conference, for over a month already. Ever since I feel that those who dislike Swift are repeating the media’s ill; constantly harping on the excessive coverage of the Swift-West incident. Maybe by 2013 that will finally be put in the past.

    As for criticisms of Swift’s music I would say that …
    I think the author proves his lack of credibility with the statement that “Miley Cyrus sounds like Janis Joplin in comparison.” If one can criticize Swift for being loud, flat, and torturously “cute”, how can Miley Cyrus be viewed as anything less than a musical Anti-Christ? To draw such a comparison would suggest that this author has little in ways of solid position for criticism, but rather just a strong dislike for one artist.

    After hearing so much bad press about the Grammy performance I expected hear a sound so hideous that I would fall to my knees and beg it to stop. Instead I heard a young star with one or two problems containing her volume level and pitch to match a barely familiar song.

    Finally, I concede that many people like certain singer because they look good, but I don’t think that accounts for the totality of success. No offense intended but Susan Boyel is not exactly a spring chicken, but she was a big seller in the past year and the Zack Brown Band had phenomenal success looking like they just climbed down from their log cabins up in the hills. On the other hand Beyonce, who most would consider to be very good-looking, lost record of the year to Kings of Leon, a moderately attractive group. So, while looks surly impacts the decision, it is unlikely that it constitutes the bulk of criteria needed to be successful.

    Weather or not you like Swift (or any other artist) please keep the conversation classy and bring the discussion to some level of intelligence, if the intent is really to see the world of music bettered.

    Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

  97. if shes not good then why is she winning all of the awards young people love herr thats all that matters i bettt half of these comments are left by people in thier 30or 40 young people look up to her thats good then looking up to half of these singers out here i love taylor shes sweet very respectful!!!! down to earth GO TAYLOR

  98. Well, Taylor Swift still sucks….

    Her ACM performance…..pseudo rock performance….crowd surfing…(sort of)….sucked.

    She did not take home a single award. I think the industry is catching on. If you can’t perform live, you don’t deserve an award.

    Anyone can use studio tools and sound like Britney.

    Miranda deserved those awards. Her live performance proves it.

    Taylor was ready to jump on stage and gush with false humility……but the only surprise she had was that she didn’t win a darned thing.

  99. To all these people saying that because Taylor Swift is famous and beautiful then she doesn’t deserve criticism. To be as famous as she is at some point her fans would have to realize that criticism comes with the territory. Same as paparazzi. Some like to call that criticism, constructive criticism. Believe it or not it is a term.
    You can claim all you want that she didn’t sign up for this, but she did. At some point you have to realize that not everyone likes her music. Just as not everyone can sit through a Broadway musical.
    To her fans, you are definitely not doing her any favors by praising her as a genius of songwriting and saying that any song or album that she releases, you will buy. For an artist, the worst thing for them to hear is how great they are, that they shouldn’t change a thing, or they are a genius. Because being told the truth is the only way they will improve as an artist.
    I also must make a point of the awards she has won. To really understand the backlash from this, you must look at the previous winners. I’ll only do the Grammy’s, because… Hell, I don’t need a reason.

    Awards Taylor Swift won at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

    Album of the Year
    -Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Raising Sand
    -Herbie Hancock & others: River: The Joni Letters
    -Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
    -Bob Dylan: Time Out Of Mind
    -Fleetwood Mac: Rumours
    -Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life

    Best Female Country Vocal Performance (awarded to the artist)
    -Carrie Underwood: Before He Cheats
    -Shania Twain: You’re Still The One
    -Trisha Yearwood: How Do I Live
    -K.T. Olsin: Hold Me
    -Crystal Gayle: Don’t Make My Brown Eyes Blue
    -Emmylou Harris: Elite Hotel

    Best Country Song (awarded to the songwriter)
    -Jennifer Nettles: Stay
    -Josh Kear & Chris Tompkins: Before He Cheats
    -Shania Twain & Robert Lange: You’re Still The One
    -Larry Gatlin: Broken Lady
    -Richard Leigh: Don’t Make My Brown Eyes Blue
    -K.T. Olsin: Hold Me
    -Bob Carlisle & Randy Thomas: Butterfly Kisses

    Best Country Album
    -George Strait: Troubadour
    -Vince Gill: These Days
    -Dixie Chicks: Wide Open Spaces
    -Johnny Cash: Unchained
    -Lyle Lovett: The Road to Ensenada
    -Vince Gill: Go Rest High On That Mountain

    And before there were even separate categories for male and female best vocal performances (started in 1965 at the 7th Grammy Awards) it was called

    Best Country & Western Performance
    -Marty Robbins: El Paso
    -The Kingston Trio: Tom Doolery
    -Johnny Horton: The Battle of New Orleans
    -Jimmy Dean: Big Bad John
    -Burl Ives: Funny Way of Laughin’
    -Bobby Bare: Detroit City

    Lists of all previous awards winners are in no particular order, and yes I did look them up. I know those who will most likely reply will say that I have way to much time on my hands, and I do. But for them to read this loooooong comment and point out any errors, also shows that they too have to much time on their hands.

  100. TAYLOR SWIFT SUCKS THE SWEAT OFF ANY DEAD MAN’S BALLZZZZZZ….see her live and you’ll know exactly what i’m talking about!

  101. this should be done and forget bout it.that was so fall 2009.people need to grow and deal with it.shit happens all the time…kayne is kayne and taylor is taylor because of all of those fans and people who listen or likes her music and especially anti fans is what made her famous. Even if she does or does not suck. U all dumbasses who is dissin her makin her up on those….appreciate that she makes herslef notice to everyone in the world with her music….she hits with counrty and pop and she also gets her fan from kids, teens and adults….so get over it!

  102. what ever swift you suck. You get all these awards for your crappy songs because your a sweet innocent blonde talentless hack. I want to kill you. YOU SUCK SWIFT

  103. To all her defenders: just because you perform onstage in front of others does not make you exempt from criticism. Yeah, she writes her songs: you can tell because they all have the words “heartbroken” and “boys” revolving around the G cord. She’s proof that acting victimized gets you more success than having talent. She’s the worse thing to happen to country music, pop music, the entire music industry, and the entertainment industry.

  104. Well, I watched her new rinky dink video….sounds and looks identical to all of the old ones. It’s pop, it’s cutesy….and I’m sooo tired of non-music. Ohh ohh ohh…ewww ewww ewww…..eee eee eee. I’m gonna buy the new “Woodstock” series off the TV. I can’t stand this trumped up marketing that wants us to believe this is actually great music in 2010. No creativity…no new sounds…zip. Nothin. I cannot .train my ears to pretend this is anything but a real black hole… All of the great music has fallen through some other dimension…and we’re left with empty fields of weeds and drought. Who in the world is actually buying this stuff?

  105. For those who don’t seem to care about the writer, you guys are taking a lot of time to comment here with painfully long posts claiming you don’t care and how the writer sucks and how ~*BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED AND NICE*~ Taylor is so of course the writer’s opinions don’t matter.

    Great job, TS fans. This shows your maturity is in the same levels of the person you admire so bloody much! Or, to be precise, the lack of maturity.

    Great job.

  106. The reason Taylor swift sucks is not exactly her voice or her looks. She’s beautiful and her voice is mediocre enough to carry a tune. What she’s lacking is music that makes sense.

    In Love story she references Romeo and Juliet and the scarlet letter. Both are stories about forbidden sexual relationships. Yet she seems to be using it to mean young innocent love which is usually not the type that is forbidden. Parents usually don’t mind their children being in these kinds of fluffy innocent relationships. What they are against is teens engaging in premarital sex. Did no one mention to her that Romeo and juliet get married to have sex because juliet won’t put out without a ring? Or is Shakespeare beyond her reading level?

    In “Our Song” it’s a basic repeat. She’s sneaking around with a guy in his car after dark. What does that sound like to you? Does that sound like a situation that ends in virginal Christian behavior? It doesn’t. In reality a girl would be making out with the guy and it would eventually lead to sexual behavior. However because it’s being sung by a purity ring wearing pretty girl you are easy to look over that fact.

    In you belong with me it’s obvious that the boy is not with Taylor swift because the cheerleader puts out and she’s the innocent redneck goody two shoes. Also why isn’t she telling him about her feelings? What kind of message is that for young girls? Pine over a guy in a bad relationship and never tell him how you feel?

    Her music is about and for naive girls with unrealistic views of love because she herself has never been in a real intimate relationship. People that eat that stuff up want to believe that the fluffy innocent sexless love exists when they know it is contrary to reality. It’s idealizing the idea that sex is what ruins love rather than deepening emotional bonds.

    So because Taylor has only experience shallow surface love, that’s what we get in her music nothing more and nothing less. It’s full of contradictory view points and awesomely bad writing by a naive girl that looks good in sparkles and frilly dresses.

  107. Two cats fighting sound better than Taylor Swift singing. I still can’t understand why a legend like Stevie Nicks would have wasted her time to get on stage with this talentless waif. I will never, ever own a Taylor Swift CD. I would certainly never spend my hard-earned money paying for one! If somebody gave me one of her CDs for free I would back over it with my car and then throw it in my food processor on grind and finish the job! In fact I would rather listen to the motor on the food processor run than to one of Taylor’s songs! She is one talentless, horrible wanna-be singer!

  108. She simply doesn’t hold a candle to the likes of Carrie Underwood, Lee Ann, Reba, etc. Based on the posts on this and other sites; she might win a popularity contest….but if she had to enter a singing competition (as an unknown); she couldn’t come close to winning. Pity that artists with real talent are left empty handed while she places award after award in her display case!

  109. I agree 100%, Taylor Swift is a joke. All of you who think she writes her own music and is talented obviously know nothing about the music industry and have never stepped foot in a studio. Her songs are put together by producers and her voice is pitch corrected and edited to no end. She is just another cute girl thrown on stage, and due to some brilliant marketing millions of people think she is amazing.