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Dallas Cowboys’ Own Hashtag Says They Suck

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys can’t blame this breakdown in common sense on backup quarterback and resident punching bag Brandon Weeden. Somebody else with the team came up with the hashtag “CowboysUK” for the team’...

Slogan’s Run

Chow, Baby
Appointing itself ad hoc spokesperson for the 80 zillion Mexican restaurants in Tarrant (note to self: check that figure), Chow, Baby is more than a bit offended by the slogan of Red Cactus (3005 S. University Dr.): “Fresh Me...

Texas Rangers Suck … Again

Jeff Prince
On June 18, I posted this rose-colored tribute to the Texas Rangers and exalted on how after 10 years of despising them and refusing to watch them play, I finally broke down and watched a game, enjoyed it, and considered liftin...