On June 18, I posted this rose-colored tribute to the Texas Rangers and exalted on how after 10 years of despising them and refusing to watch them play, I finally broke down and watched a game, enjoyed it, and considered lifting my longtime ban and embracing the team once again.

They were in first place at the time, about five games ahead in their division.

I was ready to jump on the bandwagon.


Well, after my naive post, the team lost its next five games, lost eight of its past 11, and have fallen 2-1/2 games behind the Angels.

I’m off the wagon again.

Screw the Rangers. Go Cowboys!


  1. somebody’s gotta do it, someone with a precise and insightful yet panoramic view of baseball and its storied history, someone wise…someone such as myself.

  2. The Rangers are 1-0 since you quit watching, and were doing great until you started. I think I know how to fix the Cowboys…