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A wild raccoon hangs out in a tree in Tanglewood. Photo by Matthew Brown.

Collateral Damage

Trash bandits get caught in illegal traps near TCU.
Matthew Brown
An unknown person or persons in a neighborhood near TCU has had enough of the local wildlife and taken matters into his or her own hands, much to the dismay of some of the neighbors. There has been at least one reported sightin...


Tanglewood Vandals Video

Eric Griffey
Over the past few weeks vandals have been wreaking havoc in the Tanglewood, Mistletoe Heights, Berkeley, and Westcliff areas. They’ve stolen license plates, egged houses, damaged property, broken patio furniture, and dump...

Baroque Festival

Big Ticket
Conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya begins his second decade leading the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra with a dramatic shift of gears this week. The annual preseason festival, now called the Great Performance Festival, starts Friday ...