Over the past few weeks vandals have been wreaking havoc in the Tanglewood, Mistletoe Heights, Berkeley, and Westcliff areas. They’ve stolen license plates, egged houses, damaged property, broken patio furniture, and dumped sand.

Some plucky Facebook user caught the misfits on video and posted it here. At the 20 second mark, three men in their late teens to early 20s creep onto someone’s porch.  One of the guys empties the contents of a bag, and another throws an object (possibly an egg) at the door. If you have any information on the identity of the three stars of the video, please contact the police.


  1. Some say these sly misfits are The Legion of Doom II: Esoteric Boogaloo.

    And instead of pipe bombs they wield half empty bags of play sand.

    Fort Worth needs a man like Big Mac Engel to stop this terrorism once and for all!