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Tasers Off

In three local cities, Tasers are temporarily on the shelf.
Four Tarrant County cities temporarily suspended their police departments’ use of Taser electronic devices in late September, based on what their attorneys said were new warnings that the devices can be deadly. Anti-Taser act...


The Trouble with Tasers

An April 30 study, published in the American Heart Association’s online magazine Circulation, verified what Static and a lot of other people have known for a long time: Taser weapons can cause fatal heart attacks. The study, ...

$2 million, 54-Second Tase

The City of Fort Worth has reached a $2 million settlement with the family of Michael Patrick Jacobs, Jr., who was tased to death on April 18, 2009 at the family home. Police officers came to the home after family members calle...

Challenging the Big Dogs

John Q. Public
To the editor: The Nov. 11 Static column, “What Will it Take?,” continues the saga of Taser guns and the dangerous, sometimes lethal ramifications from their 50,000-volt power.

What Will It Take?

Sometimes, surely, opponents of Tasers must feel like they are in a nightmare, where they are screaming but no sound comes out. Especially in states like Texas where, despite a growing death toll, too many law enforcement agenc...


The chorus of voices calling for reform of Taser policies is growing — and so is the list of deaths.
Gayle Reaves
When Waxahachie police officers burst into Allen Nelms’ house in the early hours of April 28, they found him in his bedroom.