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Ducks of Death

Construction around a Bedford lake has left countless small animals stranded or worse.
Edward Brown
The other day at Bedford Boys Ranch Lake, a jogger was momentarily distracted by a dead duck floating on the surface nearby. “That’s pond life,” the jogger joked, motoring past. But is it? Over the past nine months, more ...


Buggy About BioBlitz

Some people view nature in the same way Chevy Chase looks at the Grand Canyon in Vacation –– a quick glance, a nod, and done. Others enjoy relaxing in the shade and listening to a bird warble, not caring a whit that they do...

SHOOWT ‘IM! Swamp People Coming To Texas?

Jeff Prince
The History Channel’s Swamp People might film a couple of episodes in the Texas swampland this season, said Amos Cooper, alligator program leader with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. “They’re suppos...

Fishing For Artists

Jeff Prince
Last month, associate editor Anthony Mariani told Blotch readers about this contest involving Fort Worth Weekly and Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. Artists are encouraged to submit original pieces of unpublished art work to be used...