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Texas Rangers Guaranteed To Win Division Series

Jeff Prince
Precedent has been set regarding predicting wins before the final out (see photo at left). But the Texas Rangers will win today. Think about it. The team stumbled into the 2015 season with the ghost of Nolan Ryan still drawling...


Attendance Just Reflects the Way Baseball Go

Rush Olson
A local team in a pennant race plus a lovely ballpark should equal big attendance numbers, right? It’s not quite that simple, actually. Recent articles from the Star-Telegram, the Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, and Texas Mo...

This 16th-century manuscript of the Shahnama of Firdawsi is part of Spirit and Matter at Dallas Museum of Art.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 23 - When the Muslim faith ruled a swatch of the world ranging from Spain to central Asia, their artists and artisans were known for their skill working with paper, ceramics, jewelry, metal, and fabrics. You can glory in th...

BB - Feature

Béisbol, Southern Style

Rush Olson
Baseball is the same everywhere, except that in some places the mascot might stand ten yards behind the third baseman, almost in fair territory, and a vendor might bring you donuts and Icees at your seat. Attending a sporting e...


Morning News Roundup, Aug 24

Jeff Prince
Namoi King To Speak In Fort Worth Civil rights activist Naomi King will be speaking at the Sandra Bland Day Justice for Girls Because Black Women Matter Symposium on Wednesday. The native Alabama resident was married to A.D. Wi...

Chad Gowen Spear and Marianne Galloway cross swords while Amber Marie Flores looks on in Circle Theatre’s Lovers and Executioners.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 19 - Before Shakespeare, so-called “morality plays” were written to show characters resisting temptation in favor of a virtuous life, but none have survived the years better than Everyman, an anonymous 15th-century work...


Morning News Roundup, Aug 17

Jeff Prince
Six People Shot At Joy Life Center Seems like only yesterday that neighbors in Handley were worried about a developer turning a church into an event center. The developer and Handley leaders pooh-poohed the worries, saying the ...

Frisco Cover

Round Rock Express Ballpark Beer Map

Rush Olson
Rangers fans, you need to know about a recent arrival making an impact for the club’s top farm team. He goes by the colorful name Beer Shake. That’s not a bizarre nickname a playful Derek Holland hung on some young Round Ro...

Artisan Center Theater puts on Guys and Dolls thru Aug 29.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 29 - Known for his prolific art career depicting Parisian nightlife stripped of its glamor, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec has no shortage of respect, but he’s not often considered within the greater arc of art history the way...

TCC’s 50th anniversary celebration goes on at Panther Pavilion, Sat.

Golden Summer

Fort Worth Weekly
This Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the election that created the Tarrant County Junior College District. Since then, the organization has shortened its name to Tarrant County College District, the enrollment has swelled ...