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Modern Art Museum Gets Exciting New Piece

Jeff Prince
A mysterious new art installation entitled “A Brouhaha Before the Fall”  is thrilling visitors at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Look closely at the piece to your left. What do you see? A space satellite phot...

Barbara Kruger’s untitled work is part of Urban Theater.

Bad Boys, Guerrilla Girls

Fort Worth Weekly
Nostalgia for the Me Decade probably never looked as good as it will in the Modern’s show Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s. The decade was a time of extraordinary ferment everywhere in the art world but particularly i...

helen mirren

The ‘Phibs and The Modern Present “The Audience”

If you want a lesson in how to grow older with grace and authority, look no further than the great British actress Dame Helen Mirren. The 68-year-old is one of that very select group of international performers/celebrities who ...

Fish Porn at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
The world can be divided into two groups of people – those who think fishing is the dullest experience ever to be misnamed a sport, and those who believe it is a gateway to higher (if smellier) forms of consciousness. The Lon...

Artsy Monday, Boozy Tuesday

Jimmy Fowler
Now that another work week has begun, how will you cope? The Fort’s contemporary theater troupe Amphibian Productions comes to the rescue. Monday (February 8), check out their 7pm staged reading of Lanie Robertson’s “Woma...

Naomi Needs a Table!

Jimmy Fowler
Here’s one for the personal planner: Next Monday night (December 7), make your way to The Modern for Amphibian Productions’ 7pm staged reading of Becky Mode’s frantic one-man comedy ”Fully Committed.” The 70 minute sh...