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JORDAN SPIETH (photo by world sports wallpaper)

Texan Jordan Spieth The New Tiger; Old Tiger Mocked

Jeff Prince
Jordan Spieth ran away with the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club this weekend in grand fashion, winning by four strokes and never letting anyone come close to catching him. Now fans and golf analysts are referring to the D...

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Jimmy Fowler
I have a question for the 24/7 cable news/blogosphere outlets, and I’d like to ask it in the most delicate way possible: What the fuck is up with this unrelenting campaign against Tiger Woods? Golf – like football and ...

Tiger Woods: Celebrity Apology No. 100 Million

Jeff Prince
Congratulations, Tiger Woods. Your contrite groveling after being caught enjoying hanky panky with frisky women marks the 100 millionth self-serving, two-faced, disingenuous, worthless celebrity apology of recent memory. Somebo...