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New Vid by American Idol’s Tim Halperin

Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth American Idol semifinalist Tim Halperin has just released the video for his most recent song, “The Last Song.” A tune he actually performed during his run on the most popular reality TV show in the country, “Th...

American Idol Sends Tim Halperin Packing

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth’s last prayer was squashed during last night’s American Idol competition, but Tim Halperin properly represented his hometown and deserves a local nod. He sang almost perfectly at every opportunity, stayed...

American Idol Sex Goddess Hearts Local Guy

Jeff Prince
This beautiful actress-singer-sex goddess told a Fort Worth guy she loved him. And it wasn’t me. Doh! That’s right, Jennifer Lopez said, “I love him!” while Fort Worth musician Tim Halperin was playing...