This beautiful actress-singer-sex goddess told a Fort Worth guy she loved him. And it wasn’t me. Doh!

That’s right, Jennifer Lopez said, “I love him!” while Fort Worth musician Tim Halperin was playing piano and singing the Beatles’ “Something” on American Idol tonight.


Halperin moved on in the competition and, with the all-powerful J-Lo on his side, appears on his way to making the Top 24 tomorrow.

With Halperin kicking butt and last year’s finalist Casey James about to go on tour — and Kelly Clarkson maintaining an impressive pop career as the first winner of all — Fort Worth is getting plenty o’ Idol love.


  1. I don’t know how Lopez can look herself in the mirror, “judging” people with boatloads more talent than her.

    AND she’s frumpy.

  2. You’re officially off your rocker. I actually think I heard you fall from my bailiwick a few feet away. I’ll call the friendly men in white jumpsuits to help you up and escort you to someplace a little more … rubbery.