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Turkey Awards 2015

Fort Worth Weekly
Turkey Time 2015 We’re not trying to be mean. Wait. Yes, we are. Some folks need to be held accountable for their transgressions, from the simply selfish to the borderline illegal. For the rest of you yokels on our dubious li...

1-turkey head

One More Turkey: Star-Telegram’s Undercooked Turkey Awards

Andrew McLemore
The Turkey Awards paper has long been one of the most beloved traditions among Weekly staffers, second only to hourly cigarette breaks and lunches consisting of bite-size candy bars. This annual ritual of lampooning the cowards...

Kiss Moncrief’s Grits

Jimmy Fowler
Say what you want about Mayor Moncrief’s leadership abilities, but if his wife Rosie’s recipe for grits souffle is any indication, the First Family of Cowtown sits down to a yummy holiday spread. Peruse the ingredients – ...