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Gov. Twittergate

In a reckless moment of sports ecstasy (“ecsportsy”?), Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted a congratulatory message in celebration of the Houston Astros’ win over the Kansas City Royals in the American League Division Series on Mond...


Leaving Islam

Friends she found on Twitter helped free a young woman from her family’s tyranny.
Keys to freedom can take many forms. Samya’s was an iPod, a Twitter account, and a group of North Texas atheists. Samya is not her real name. The young Tarrant County resident asked that a pseudonym be used in this story beca...

Mayor Cluck All Atwitter About Tweets

Jeff Prince
Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck has been battling residents at city council meetings, including a recent meeting in which residents were ejected at his command. So it’s got to be satisfying for them to see Cluck irritated by...

Follow Me on Twitter

Anthony Mariani
Now that Twitter is pretty much old news, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. My timing is nothing if not impeccable. Go here to follow me. I promise I won’t tweet about how awesome my new shoes are or how full o...

“Did You Hear That Lonesome Whippoorwill…”

Jimmy Fowler
Here’s an interesting “Newsweek” piece on loneliness in the age of online social networking. To see how the definition of “socializing” has changed over the last couple of decades, I need only look to my niece and nep...

Sound of a Dying Tweet

Jimmy Fowler
Predicting the obsolescence of a technology is sort of like prophesying the end of a recession – you can earn a lot of money in glossy newsmags and cable punditry by getting both wrong. “A lot of money” has never been in ...