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Local Environmental Group Ready for Their Close-Up

North Texas-based environmental group The Downwinders at Risk today announced that it’s publicly opposing a new permit from TXI’s Midlothian plant. The group will launch a wave of local television ads critical of Governor R...

Downwinders on the Rise

This grassroots group scrimped and struggled for the victories that let us all breathe easier.
You could say that bake sales brought down the four cement kilns that closed in Midlothian last month. Or that garage sales, green cement, and a mythical peanut butter and jelly sandwich are responsible for helping clean up Nor...

Lost in the Ozone

Betty Brink
It didn’t come as a big surprise to physician and asthma specialist John Fling that the American Lung Association’s 2006 State of the Air report card for Fort Worth gave the city an F; it’s the same grade the ...