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I’ll Take TMI For $300

Jeff Prince
Jeapardy host Alex Trebek’s description of chasing down a hotel burglar included a little too much information. The 71-year-old TV celebrity unnecessarily states that he jumped out of bed and “put on my underwear...

War on Sag

The baggy bottom boys are losing their grip.
Eddie Griffin
Haven’t we been through this before? No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. Even an irreverent shirtless, shoeless hippie from the 1960s got the message that you cannot walk into a five-star restaurant as if you were going to the be...

Shtick ’Em Up

There’s a lot going on right now that we need to pay attention to, and none of it is fun: a shitty economy, a U.S. presidential campaign that’s annoying and superficial, and the final days of Dubya’s corrupt, ...