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Christina Cranshaw pets a fake dog in Hip Pocket Theatre’s Lili.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 12 - In his work for the General Services Administration, architect Steve Kline enforces compliance the National Historic Preservation Act in five states, including Texas. He’s therefore well-equipped to deliver a lecture...


Top 5 Shows

1.) I’m not saying Fred’s Texas Café (915 Currie St., 817-332-0083) is small, just that the West 7th beer-and-burger institution might not be big enough to contain all of the gigantic gospel-psych-funk fury that living leg...

Tweak Bird: two brothers, lots of fuzz and stomp.

The Top 5 Shows

As you may or may not have heard, the Weekly’s 12th Annual Music Awards Festival is 4-10 p.m. Sunday at eight venues in the West 7th corridor. Quaker City Night Hawks, Pinkish Black, Son of Stan, Telegraph Canyon, The Longsho...

Kathy Griffin at Verizon

Jimmy Fowler
Is there a more polarizing performer in American comedy today than Kathy Griffin? Some people love her rapid-fire, merciless approach to celebrity destruction. (Yes, even some straight people). Others would rather be waterboard...

Stevie Nicks Has Still Got It

Jeff Prince
Stevie Nicks put her 63-year-old heart and soul into Friday night’s concert at Verizon Theatre and let everyone know she’s still rock royalty. She was talkative for a change and dished up far more stage patter than ...

Stevie Nicks, Gay Icon

Jimmy Fowler
One of my humble missions on this big blue marble is to expand the notion of what a gay icon is. And people, you won’t find a bigger gay magnet than the white winged dove, the leather and lace-clad gypsy, the Welsh witch hers...

In Defense of Leon Russell

Jeff Prince
I recently told somebody that blues guitarist B.B. King was coming to Verizon Theatre on October 8 and that I was excited about Leon Russell and Fort Worth native Delbert McClinton opening the show. The guy I was talking to sai...