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Final Four? Let’s Make it Nine

Let’s say you’re one of those folks who follow March Madness from the swirling nebula of the round of 64 all the way to its victorious conclusion — and you go see the championship game in person. This year, then, you will...

North Texas Americana rockers Exit 380 headline St. Patrick's Day Madness at Poag Mahone's, Fri.

A Touch Of The Irish

Last Call
Welp, it’s that time of the year again, when all of your friends go down to Austin and have the most amazing time watching every new band that’s better and cooler than any band you’ve ever seen and partying with the most ...

Montgomery Plaza Tows 21 Cars

Anthony Mariani
On Friday and Saturday nights, 21 vehicles were towed from Montgomery Plaza in the bustling West 7th Street corridor for being illegally parked, a resumption of a policy that had been suspended in the wake of some controversial...

Photos of Montgomery Plaza Wreckers

Anthony Mariani
This past weekend, more than 100 vehicles were towed for illegally parking in Montgomery Plaza (“Wreckers Haul Away Dozens from Montgomery Plaza ,” Blotch, Monday, Jan. 16). 7th Haven owner Jimmy Moore captured some of the ...

Wreckers Haul Away Dozens from Montgomery Plaza

Anthony Mariani
On Friday and Saturday nights, sources say, more than 100 cars were towed from Montgomery Plaza’s parking lot for illegal parking. For years, visitors to the dozens of nearby bars and bar/restaurants in the West 7th Street co...

Shots Exchanged in W 7th Corridor

Anthony Mariani
A robbery of two bar patrons at gunpoint late Monday led to an exchange of gunfire on the outskirts of Fort Worth’s thriving West 7th Street corridor and the arrest of one of two alleged assailants. Around 11:15 p.m. on M...

“NYT” Hits the Fort

Jimmy Fowler
In case you’re curious what The New York Times would recommend about Fort Worth during the Super Bowl, the answer is – “the West 7th district.”