Look out, Fort Worthians: Arlington’s invading Clubland. Aaaaayyyyyiiiii!

No, seriously. Some ma-and-pa club owners are looking to open joints here. Kenzo Tran and Tommy Le from Piranha Killer Sushi will launch their second raw fish-‘n-sake-serving establishment, in December, in the space formerly occupied by Zolon; Caves Lounge owner Tom Osbakken has his eyes on a few hang-outs near Sundance Square; and former Blu Bar owner Carmine Bianco will inaugurate his Rodeo Plaza establishment, Whiskey River, right before Christmas.

“Fort Worth is, in my eyes, one of the biggest booming cities in nightlife,” Bianco said. “Between the Stockyards concerts and the Stock Show, the location is prime.”


At 7,000 square feet, Bianco’s space is huge, and he plans on filling it by offering various drink specials, a free breakfast buffet after midnight, and a décor that says “hip country.”

Why Fort Worth? Well, for one thing, Dallas’ nightlife scene is pretty much maxed out. For another, Fort Worth is Bright Lights, Big City compared to the glorified apartment complex that is Arlington. And lastly, like Bianco said, Cowtown is booming – better to be on the cusp of the wave than wading in its wake.

Last Breath Last Call is no fashionista.

It’s not that I’m still 7 years old at heart and simply don’t wanna go shoppin’. It’s that life is all about priorities, and, as you can imagine, getting fucked up comes first. Well, thanks to one Clubland personality, Last Call can suit up for winter and get smashed without missing a shot.

Ex-frontman of metal-heads Bloodties and former bouncer at the Ridglea Theater and the Galaxy Club, Terry Shanks is mixing togging with boozing. He’s the owner of Last Breath Clothing, a clothing line that features original urban-gothic designs on articles of streetwear such as t-shirts, hoodies, and button-ups. His stuff is available on his web page (, at Tiff & Andi’s Place (3516 Bluebonnet Cir, FW; 817-921-6975), and at most Darth Vato shows. (Last Breath is a sponsor of the band, meaning that the clothier dresses the musicians for shows and in return gets some free advertising. Last Breath also sponsors The Hoods, an internationally renowned hardcore outfit from Sacramento.)

On the way, Shanks says, are onesies and probably the opus of the Last Breath oeuvre – a belt buckle that doubles as a set of brass knuckles.

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