Dear XTO Energy,

Hi. You don’t know me, but I live in downtown Fort Worth. I’m familiar with you, not through any vast knowledge of natural gas exploration and drilling, but from the work you’ve done to the buildings you own in my neighborhood.

I watched as you bought the W. T. Waggoner Building, spiffed it up, and restored that gorgeous lobby. Nice. I saw you pick up Executive Plaza and complete a thorough renovation of that tower. Very good. Perhaps your best work thus far came with your purchase of The Building Formerly Known As The Baker Building, now going by the Bob R. Simpson moniker. I watched you remove the ghastly 1960s-era base that has long befouled an otherwise lovely building and launch into a painstaking restoration of the original base, a view not seen since the (possibly LSD-addled?) minds of the ’60s ruined the building. Believe me, the city is eternally grateful for your good taste. And now you’ve done us another favor and removed Landmark Tower from the skyline. Once an impressive sight as it towered over all else in downtown, Landmark ended as a rusted eyesore, and it was time to remove its aluminum shell from public display.

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