On Monday nights back in the day at The Wreck Room, Daniel Katsuk and his A-Hummin’ Acoustical Acupuncture probably drew bigger crowds on a regular basis than some of the weekend shows around town.

Granted, Katsuk’s gigs were free, and for a lot of folks, especially service industry workers whose busiest and best-paying nights are Friday through Sunday, Monday was an opportune time to cut loose. Regardless of other reasons for the turnout, the quality of Katsuk’s edgy, trippy, polyphonic music and his groove-oriented performances aren’t up for debate. You may recall that Katsuk relocated from here to Denver, Colo., a couple of months ago, but the neo-hippie still has a soft spot for the Fort. This Saturday at the scene of so many of Katsuk’s Monday night bacchanals, the singer-songwriter returns to play a show that he says will be full of both old and soon-to-be favorites.

OK, that last part was all me, putting words in his mouth, but based on a scratch recording of some new material, Katsuk hasn’t lost an ounce of his signature touch, even though he’s begun exploring new musical and lyrical territory. Other than when he was with Spoonfed Tribe, Katsuk has worked primarily with percussionists. Now he’s begun incorporating trap-kit drumming into some of his stuff. Fans, don’t fret: The addition of snare, high-hat, and kick drum complements the conga beats nicely. Katsuk also is now obviously unafraid to loose his inner Marvin Gaye. One song is a funky, old school quiet storm, although not exactly quiet. The same guy who often sings about the world’s dark side, spiritual awareness, and the importance of maintaining a healthy, positive outlook breathes heavily into the lyric: “Tell me what you like, baby, and I’ll do you right / Put you on your side / Put you on all fours.” You may feel like taking a shower afterward, not because the words are inherently dirty, but because sweet, hippiefied Daniel Katsuk is singing them! Not Keith Sweat! Anyway, Katsuk will be by himself with no Triple-A around, at the Wreck, 3208 W 7th St, in Fort Worth.Call 817-348-8303or visit

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… To all the fine single ladies of Fort Worth, y’all better sit down and bust out the Kleenex three-ply. Goodwin frontman Tony Diaz is officially off the market. The thirtysomething heartbreaker dreammaker love-taker recently tied the knot and is inviting the Fort Worth music scene – that would be all of y’all – to help him and his lovely wife Michele celebrate good times c’mon. This Saturday, swing by the Black Dog Tavern (2933 Crockett St, in Fort Worth; 817-332-8190) for good grub (catered by Red, Hot, & Blue), and, later, good music. Slated to perform are Ryan Thomas Becker from Goodwin’s Dallas-based doppelgangers Sunday Drive, along with Eaton Lake Tonics and Velvet Love Box. Things get going around 7pm. Save up some dough to request a tune or two from VLB. The trio is very selective about which pop standards it chooses to cover. “Freebird,” for example, costs $1,000. But I have to ask, How much for ‘The Electric Slide?’ Awww, yeah! Seriously, it ain’t a party until we all do “The Electric Slide.” Just kidding. But not really.

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