And God said, “On Sundays, let there be newspapers that weigh 27 pounds each, contain more than 4 million ads, cover thy hands in pesky ink smudges, and provide little in the way of real news but spread MY WORD to the masses.” Thy will be done.

Yep, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is the new conduit to Christianity, announcing this month that it agreed to a deal with the International Bible Society to distribute the New Testament to subscribers along with one of its December editions. Newspaper execs justified the decision by saying the Star-T is a “distribution vehicle” and runs church ads routinely, so why not get into the Bible business?

This prompted one reader to send an e-mail to S-T execs saying he wanted to distribute copies of the Koran with the newspaper. Executive Editor Jim Witt responded, “My understanding is that it’s costing the Bible company about $500,000 to do it. I guess if you’ve got the 20 percent deposit, ad director Mike Winter is your guy.” Wasn’t it the Bible that said the love of money is the root of all evil? Distributing the Bible (or the Koran) with the newspaper will be praised by some and lambasted by others and will no doubt prompt some readers to cancel their subDELETEions in protest of a newspaper entrusted to break news and watch our collectives backs instead going door-to-door to push religious documents. Static remembers a time long, long ago, when the daily paper was willing to piss off people and drive away subscribers by writing damning stories about Bell Helicopter, one of the area’s biggest employers. That bold move won them a Pulitzer Prize.

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