Get Well is an unusually health-conscious — and healthy-sized —band.

There are six people in the group, and they all generally dig one another. Before they decided on the name, guitarist Jason Travis’ mom explained to her son that drug addicts use the term “get well” to mean “replenish their supply.” But, no, the guys chose the moniker to represent their intention to heal others through the power of music — and they mean it. Though the sextet has been together for only about two years, they’re already headlining shows. There are two main reasons: 1.) The sound, incorporating elements of funk, jazz, soul, and indie-rock, is wildly diverse, and 2.) Soon …, the band’s seven-song e.p. released in the spring, is pretty spectacular.

Travis and his friend, drummer Chris Neal, started Get Well in the upstairs gallery of West Berry Street’s Panther City Coffee, a joint owned by Travis’ family. Bassist Eliot Arriaza was soon brought on, and when the need for a frontman came along he suggested his roommate and childhood friend, E.J. Brown. When Brown came to practice and imposed his flowing, hip-hop-style delivery over Get Well’s taut melodies and rhythms, Travis knew. “It just felt right,” he said. As the music evolved, the bandmembers calmly embraced the momentum they were feeding and remained levelheaded about the successes achieved in such a short span of time. “We keep it as organic as possible,” Travis said. “The whole idea … is everyone doing their part of a bigger puzzle. We all know we have to work together.”

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