After a bad taste of Tennessee last week, Chow, Baby got back on track with the real Texas stuff at Deer Creek BBQ Co. (9116 Camp Bowie Blvd. West, right next to the Kroger, and big tip of the cowboy hat to reader Michael B.). Now we’re talking. The pit is right out back, so the whole happy place smells great. Boss Rodney Lambert is a big-smiling cowboy in leather chaps (because his wife complained about grease stains on his jeans, but it’s still cool), and Rodney’s magical rub is to die for.

It goes on just about everything (meaty ribs, chopped beef, rich beans), and makes a glorious crunchy crust on the hickory-mesquite-smoked brisket (plate $10.50). Two things made this meat even more perfect: sweet Kansas City-style sauce, and a heap of remarkable “potato salad” that’s more like a smashed-up baked potato with all the extras. Go try it, please. This is a place Chow, Baby wants to see stick around.