Okay, now I have something funny to link to about Lindsay Lohan, courtesy of the actress herself. For me, the biggest laugh in this clip is the one at the very end with the cover of Us Weekly. I’m surprised that she didn’t plug eHarmony’s recently launched sister website for gay dating.

I must confess, the whole Lindsay & Sam thing fascinated me in ways that most celebrity relationships don’t. And yes, it was because of the lesbian thing, but that’s because I remember the time not so long ago when movie stars had to hide any homosexual inclinations. However, I’m well aware that most gossip fans were following them for entirely different reasons. The tabloid press covered them pretty much like they would have covered a straight celebrity couple with this combination of glamor, looks, and personal drama. One article dubbed them “the post-gay couple”, and though I’m usually suspicious of pronouncements like these, I found it oddly convincing. It’s not the ruling in Iowa or the legislation in Vermont, but the whole thing was a sign of progress in its own way.

Selfishly, I hope Lindsay Lohan figures out a way to pick projects worthy of her acting talent, which I’ve always been a fan of. I hope she stops drinking, takes a few remedial driving courses, and pulls herself together, but then I’ve been hoping that for a few years now. Given what a sad mess her life is, I’m just happy for any sort of comic relief.