Johnny Mack is back on the boards. The legendary Fort Worth bluesman is playing Keys Lounge (5677 Westcreek Ct, 817-292-8627) on Tues., April 28, with an outfit called the Bon Ton Playboys. I don’t know, but I’m betting that Big Easy-obsessed local blues guitarist and singer-songwriter James Hinkle will be on hand if not sitting in completely –– Hinkle produced Mack’s ’03 effort. Incidentally, Hinkle is playing the Keys on Saturday. His last album, 2008’s ‘Some Day,’ was recorded with two Baton Rogue transplants not old enough to imbibe legally (plus, pianistic monster Robert Cadwallader). Pretty int’resting, considering that Hinkle, who has to be fortysomething, has been playing, writing, and recording for decades. New blood’s a good thing.

Say au revoir to one of Fort Worth’s oldest and most esteemed indie-rockers, punk-ska purveyors Darth Vato, tomorrow (Saturday), at Lola’s Saloon Sixth (2736 W 6th St, 817-877-0666). Drummer Eric Dodson is now backing big-time Texas Music chanteuse Maren Morris, replacing Cooper Heffley, one of the most sought-after stickmen in town and current time-keeper for the burgeoning Orbans, and frontman Kerry Dean has his own pretty successful solo thing going. As for bassist Steve Steward, he’s still one of our writer-contributors, at least until he relocates to L.A., but I’m not sure if he’s going to be doing any music. Best of luck, my friends.

Two other good shows:
1.) The Von Ehrics, who’ll be celebrating the release of their new CD, ‘Loaded,’ with The Backsliders tonight (Friday) at Lola’s Saloon Sixth.


2.) The Campaign and Chatterton tomorrow (Saturday) at The Moon (2911 W Berry St, 817-926-9600).

Here are some cool new tunes you’d do well to download soon.

Spinnerette’s “Ghetto Love.” Big-ass rocking beat. Frontwoman Brody Dalle, with her black bob and overall hipster-chick good looks and soulful voice, is bound to become tabloid fodder (if she isn’t already; I dunno; I’m kinda outta the celebrity-gossip loop). She’s just a girl out lookin’ for love, anyway.

Madcon’s “Beggin’.” An Outkast-y, early-R&B-inflected dance number, replete with hand claps, that you may recognize from some shoe commercial, one where a bunch of hipsters are dancin’ at a house party. (The commercial’s much better than the official vid, IMHO.)

Royksopp’s “Happy Up Here.” Ambient disco. Lots of bells and whistles. Big-pimpin’ beat. Awesome vid. (Dig the space invaders.) You can’t tell what’s real and what’s … not. And just ‘cause: The vid from the Royksopp classic that you couldn’t escape back in the late 1990s (at least if you lived in Houston and were a Guido-douchebag-clubber like me).

Matt Costa’s “Cigarette Eyes.” Killer Dave Edmunds-influenced jaunt by a Californian who’s growing on me. Haven’t heard the new album yet, though.

The Decemberists’ “The Rake’s Song.” Intense, epic indie-rock by one of the most intense, epic indie-rock bands around.