Baseball cards were a hot commodity back in the late 1980s and early 1990s and I remember when the 1992-93 Fleer Ultra basketball cards came out featuring Fort Worth homeboy Oliver Miller on a rookie card. He was a hot prospect and his card was in demand around these parts for a while.

Of course, collectors should have known he wouldn’t pan out – he was already struggling with his weight. You don’t see many star athletes in their early 20s who look really out of shape — on a rookie card, no less.

Miller soon waddled into obscurity. So it was nice to read this update today in the Star-Telegram. Miller sounds like a cool guy and I hope he lives out his dream of getting back in the game.


As for now, though, he’s still a forgotten man. Here’s that once-valuable Fleer Ultra RC listed on eBay for $1 with free shipping – and no takers. Now that’s heavy.