Former Dallas Cowboys piss-and-moaner Greg Ellis stabbed his “friend” DeMarcus Ware in the back by saying on the ESPN 103.3 “Michael Irvin Show” that Ware took himself out of games to force more playing time for Ellis.

If Ware did that, he was doing a buddy a favor. Ellis should have returned the favor by keeping his pie hole shut.

Good riddance to Ellis. And good luck to Ware and the Cowboys in their inaugural season in Arlington.


  1. Greg ellis was one of my favorite players on the cowboys and now he is the gayest peron on earth he can go to hell

    GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!

  2. cody…only way you would know if he was gay is if you had first hand knowledge…i’m so proud of you for coming out of the closet!
    but, dude, ya gotta work on your fickle favorites…either you liked his playing or you didn’t…
    just cuz ya’ll had a little gay fling and he left you…try to remember what jeff was writing about, and maybe take his advice…”keep your pie hole shut” … you just show your ignorance when you make a junior high remark about being gay, as if there was anything wrong with being gay…let me guess, you were raised baptist, you voted for idiot “shrub” bush, and you read the weekly to show all your friends how you embrace diversity…