It’s Christmas in July for early Texas art collectors – the big show is finally here and the paintings I saw hanging on the wall just a few minutes ago looked like the best bunch yet.

The 8th Annual Collectors of Fort Worth Art Sale is today and tomorrow at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, the former home of the Modern Art Museum.

“This is our best show ever,” said Ken Jackson, a founding member of the Collectors group. “There is some really good stuff here.”


Another Collectors member, Morris Matson, said there is something for everyone.

“There is probably more serious pieces – museum worthy pieces – than we’ve ever had before,” he said. “There is also a lot of outstanding work that is suitable for beginning collections. You can get a piece by a name artist without making a major investment.”

A number of major works are included by one of Fort Worth ‘s most beloved painters, the late Cynthia Brants.

Other notable local artists represented include Bror Utter, George Grammer, Don Brown, David Brownlow, Kelly Fearing, Blanche McVeigh, Samuel P. Ziegler, and Jan Holmes.

What started out as an informal get together for local collectors to buy, sell, and swap paintings has blossomed into one of Fort Worth’s most highly anticipated art sales.

“We never expected it to go on this long,” said Fort Worth art expert Scott Barker. “It’s turned out to be so much fun, and so many paintings have found new homes.”