To the editor: Regarding your recent story on Texas Christian University (“Higher Math,” July 1, 2009): Here’s just a partial list of where recent graduates of TCU’s Department of Film, Television and Digital Media (formerly Radio-Television Film) have worked or are currently working: The Office, Dancing with the Stars, Monk, Ellen, The Bachelor, Big Love, Wolverine, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter, Without a Trace, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The International, The Farmer Takes a Wife, The Simple Life, Avatar, The Suite Life on Deck, The Sarah Silverman Show, TLC (The Learning Channel), The Endeavor Agency, Lionsgate Productions, Miami Dolphins, San Diego Padres, The Food Network, Universal Studios, Fox Television, Fox Films, Sony Pictures, Prison Break, ABC Sports, ESPN, KRLD, WBAP, and Second City Chicago.

The list doesn’t include internships on such shows as The Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, or TV shows and feature films that students and former students worked on some years back, such as Angel, Emeril, Half & Half, Will and Grace, the X-Men Films, Fantastic Four, and many more.

It is clear that reporter Bryan Shettig did extensive research for his story on the value of a TCU education, and it’s understandable that he may have missed some of the terrific careers of many TCU graduates from departments that were not mentioned in the article. So thanks for this opportunity to applaud our talented and successful alumni and to invite others to visit us and explore the true value of a TCU education.

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Professor Richard J. Allen

Chair, Department of Film, Television and Digital Media, TCU

Fort Worth

Not So Fine

To the editor: I am appalled at the conduct of Fort Worth’s finest the other night at the Rainbow Lounge (“Rainbow Revolt,” July 8, 2009).  These are the kind of tactics I experienced in the bars back in 1968 and 1969.  Even if the TABC and the police were just doing their jobs, and even if some patron of the club made a pass at one of the officers, there was no need for the overreaction that occurred.  And the timing of the “raid” was so obvious. I know that there were “inspections” at two other bars that night.  That, too, is a tad suspect. I sincerely hope that there will be a full, honest investigation and not another whitewash.

Carol Eicher

Fort Worth


History Lesson

To the editor: Freelance writer E.R Bills’ article (“Tolerance, Dude,” July 1, 2009) gave us a great lesson in history. The Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution embody the ideals of religious freedom, but apparently there are those who would infringe on our rights and won’t tolerate anything that doesn’t entirely adhere to their beliefs and their interpretation of the Bible. That’s oppression and discrimination.

Bills can be more liberal and concise in writing his opinions for the Weekly than when he writes for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram commentary page.

I appreciate his style; he delivers with a punch, whereas in other publications his First Amendment right would be eviscerated and his opinions heavily edited.

Charla Somma

Fort Worth

Don’t Mess with Voting Rights

To the editor: The comments in Static (June 24, 2009) about the Supreme Court ruling upholding key provisions of the Voting Rights Act was justified. This legislation was originally signed into law in 1964 by then-President Lyndon Johnson to prevent violations of minority voting privileges. And so it prevails today with the exception that if you can pass the litmus test for an unblemished record and be free of discrimination for the last 10 years, you can opt out of this federal mandate, as was the case in Austin.

With Congress renewing this 44-year-old legislation in 2006, why challenge it? It’s here to stay, period!

Gary Masters

Fort Worth

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