Texas Monthly has picked the state’s best 50 hamburger joints, and three of them are in Fort Worth.

The highest-placing Cowtown burger was Dutch’s “Bacon and Bleu Cheese Burger” (No. 8 overall), followed by the Love Shack “Dirty Love Burger” (No. 17) and Fred’s Texas Café’s “Diablo Burger” (No. 47).

Regular customers at Kinkaid’s and Tommy’s are probably cussing the list, but Texas Monthly pretty much got it right in my mind – Dutch’s and Love Shack burgers are my favorites, followed by Fred’s as a distant third, then Star Café, then Tommy’s, then Kinkaid’s.


Of course, at 3 a.m. after a night of drinking, nothing beats a quintuple Whataburger with extra cheese and a double order of jalapenos.


  1. Prince, you may be my soul mate (although mine is a single, extra cheese,double jalapenos). Whataburger OUGHT to count, since you only get it here (and if you left, like I did, you’d miss it every day.)

    Dutch’s is awesome. Love Shack is inconsistent — Fred’s is consistently, sloppily spicy and fortunately, too far away from me to be dangerous.

  2. JLo, thanks for the edit on the Kincaid’s thang. I love your movies.

    That’s one thing about blogs — thoughts get written and posted in real time and often without edittttting.

  3. You really can’t beat Daybreak Cafe’s double-cheeseburger. It’s peppery, semi-greasy (in the best way), and weighs about 5 lbs. Oh, and the best part. It’s only $2.80. That’s TWO DOLLARS AND EIGHTY FRIGGIN CENTS!

    Seriously, you’re losing money by going anyplace else. The Daybreak is at 2720 White Settlement Rd. on the West Side. Phone is 817-335-0805. The place is only open for breakfast and lunch, though.