I’m no talent scout but mark my words – wide receiver Jesse Holley, last night’s winner of Michael Irvin’s “4th and Long” reality show, has a snowball’s chance in hell of making the Dallas Cowboys team this season.

The show’s winner was promised a slot on the team’s 80-man roster at training camp that begins July 28, but that’s no guarantee at a contract. The roster will be trimmed to 53 before the season begins and Holley will be long gone by then.

I don’t even think Holley was the most talented player among the 12 contestants on Irvin’s show. Andrew Hawkins was an undersized defensive back but he showed the most hustle and heart, and might have been a decent special teams player.

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A Dallas Morning News article on Holley’s win is followed by a few funny reader comments (although, they’re probably funnier if you actually watched the show):

Cowboypal wrote: “That show was awful and it will surprise me if anything comes of it. Irving acting like Darth Vader was stupid.”

Justwin responded: “Cowboypal, the show wasn’t any more stupid than you calling him ‘Irving’.”

Jerryhater said: “The mere fact that Jerry did not draft him means he might be able to play.”