To the editor: I am a female, liberal, minority graduate of TCU who wears her purple colors loud and proud. Yours was an excellent article on TCU (“Higher Math,” July 1, 2009).

Bryan Shettig wrote that “the controversy over the war in Iraq seemed barely to register on the campus,” but we organized protests such as the one in January 2006 when Paul Bremer came to campus. While we were a small crowd on the grass facing University Drive, sounds of opposition were civil, and Fort Worth citizens joined us.

As a minority student, arriving on campus brought no culture shock but an opportunity to make friends with conservative frat boys, hippie anthropologists in rock bands, and the sophisticated classical music crowd. TCU has made long strides in diversifying its student base, and the effort has paid off.

While, sadly, tuition increases and stories of massive debt after graduation are true, various TCU programs and professors were definitely worth it. Ultimately, while it is each student’s personal decision to apply to or attend TCU despite tuition costs, I hope TCU ceases to be seen as only a “rich,” “white,” or “conservative” school.

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