President Barack Obama screwed up royally by saying those Cambridge cops “acted stupidly” when arresting black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr.

The prez wasn’t there, didn’t know what happened, and inserted his foot directly into his mouth by passing judgment without knowing the facts.

But he showed some class by admitting he misspoke, and then he showed further integrity by offering to meet with the cop, Sgt. James Crowley, and Gates to sit down and have a beer and discuss the situation like gentlemen.


Think of all the problems that could be solved this way.

Candy and Tori Spelling could be bestest besotted buddies.

The guy who owns this fist could be exchanging wet kisses with Perez Hilton by now.

If only George W. Bush had guzzled Bud Lite with Saddam Hussein, we might have averted a war.

Never underestimate the healing powers of alcohol.


  1. So I take it that Mr. Prince doesn’t agree with Kristian Lin’s take on “professor gates-gate.”
    Never underestimate it indeed…
    …but think of how many DWIs, drunk driving accidents, deaths, crazy man in a wife-beater chasing his girlfriend through the apartment complex with a broken beer bottle, how many date rapes, how many parking lot fist fights, how many livers turned to leather, and how many broken dreams, empty Christmas mornings for small kids, regrettable moments that turn up on a girls-gone-wild video, how many lives cut short because of alcohol-induced pancreatic cancer and how many other senseless episodes that deprive us of our human dignity… so yes never underestimate the “healing powers” of alcohol. Just a thought…

  2. Prof Buddy: I can’t say if I disagree or not with Kristian’s post because I haven’t read it. I was out of town last week. But I was following this “Gates-gate” story from New Mexico (where I was visiting Billy the Kid museums and eating rabbit and rattlesnake sausage). Did you know Lincoln County NM is the largest county in the United States? Anyhoo….

    The prez invited Gates and Crowley for “a beer.” I doubt one beer will make the president rape his dates, beat his wife, give his kids a bucket of coal for Christmas, and expose his nipples on a “Presidents Gone Wild” video. But I could be wrong.

  3. POTUS: “I think I unfortunately gave an impression that I was maligning the Cambridge Police Department and Sgt. Crowley specifically. And I could’ve calibrated those words differently.”

    Translation: I stuck my foot in my mouth and alienated of a lot of America by making racially biased remarks myself. That really burns me up because as a lawyer and politician, I’m supposed to be good at parsing my words.

    So now I have to back pedal without ego damage and without an apology…dam mit!

    Oh the lib spin of the MSM on this is GREAT! Now, Gates’ rant & the POTUS’ dis of the CPD are a “teachable moment”
    I predict a $250K book advance and a speaking tour for Gates…having a brew seals the deal.

  4. …I doubt one beer would either but you never know with Obama… if there is any alcohol related hijinks let’s just hope that Secretary Napolitano isn’t there. What a bad visual.

    and regarding Billy the Kid. my favorite item at the Billy the Kids museum is the two headed calf… but that was in 1981… not sure if it’s still there.

  5. Now I’m wondering if Gates will include the beer party in his upcoming PBS documentary that he’s peddling since this all happened?

  6. AND, drum roll please –

    It’s for certain that K. Lin screwed up “royally” or put his “foot in mouth” what have you, when he wrote, without first knowing the facts –

    “One thing is certain: If I were James Crowley, I’d be seriously considering early retirement right now. Careers don’t recover from screw-ups of this magnitude.”

    For me no apology is needed from K. Lin … I wince at the embarrassment he must feel and that should suffice, although, police everywhere may want that apology stated in print and I defer to them.

  7. I would suggest that Professor Buddy, chineseboomerang, and Kristian Lin hash this out over a beer. Kristian doesn’t drink, but maybe his shame and embarrassment over his ill advised blog post will now drive him to drink.

    Kristian, should you decide to become a souse, I suggest Jim Beam over ice with Bud Lite chasers.

  8. I pray that the President, the Police Officer , and the Defendant, can resolve this little “bump in the road.” without having to resort to fisticuffs, a barrom brawl, or calling 911!
    ‘fer a taste of yer whiskee ,i’ll give you some sound advice.”this is how deals have been made and troubles resolved for many thousands of years; when cooler heads prevail Hey! Whatever happened to festivus anyway ?…..