President Obama’s decision to share a beer with the cop and the professor seems to have turned about pretty well. Nobody apologized, but nobody punched out anyone either, and everyone involved seems satisfied and calmed down now about this racial incident.

In honor of that successful summit, I plan to drink 18 Bud Lites tonight and drunk-dial old girlfriends.


  1. C’mon, man – at least drink some *good* beer, not the beer-colored water junk that the big breweries put out. Drink some Rahr, why don’t ya?

  2. I like Rahr but I can’t drink 18 of them because they don’t taste like beer-colored water. I like to bend my elbow constantly when I’m drinking beer and if I drink anything with any real potency I get too “happy.” So I stick with the weaker brews so I can drink more of them. I know, it’s not exactly sound reasoning but….

  3. One rainy Friday night observation…
    The Beer summit as a “photo op” was hilariously flop.
    Think of the July Washington DC humidity and you have two guests of honor sitting at a picnic table wearing business suits with Obama and Plugs sitting there in ties and rolled up shirt sleeves like it was an Ohio campaign stop. Obama can’t afford too many more diversions like this. My suggestion is for him to ditch the teleprompter and replace it with one of those little hidden ear pieces like W used to wear.
    If you were scared at the notion of Karl Rove whispering into Bush’s ear… try to imagine who will be whispering to Obama. Ayers? Wright?