Check out this great clip of the Rolling Stones performing in Fort Worth’s then-named Tarrant County Convention Center in 1972. A vintage rock-and-roll clip from the city’s premier concert showcase back in the day.



  1. I was at the afternoon show of those concerts, my first at age 13. You can find pretty good bootleg DVD’s of the Stones concert movie “Ladies and Gentlemen”, half of which was filmed in Fort Worth. This was when they were truly the greatest rock and roll band in the world.

  2. Bands LOVED to play TCCC because it had great acoustics (for an arena.) I remember a poll taken of bands in the mid ’80s where TCCC was in the top eight or so in the U.S. It’s one of the reasons bands would play both the Dallas Convention Center and TCCC …. not always a necessary move because I think only the Zep was able to pull off a duel sell out. (Although travel costs were down for ar least one day – still had to move the set though.) U-2’s Rattle and Hum with B.B. King was also recorded and filmed there over two nights.

    The Stones also played an un-announced and un-scheduled show at Will Rogers in the early 80’s on a Monday night after a Sunday night show in New Orleans. Was put together very hastily and radio stations didn’t even know ’til the morning of the concert Very Cool!