The Cowboys are lucky to be rid of Roy Williams. I’m not talking about the current Cowboys receiver. No, I’m talking about the former Cowboys safety who went from great to bad seemingly overnight, from being the bad-ass hitting machine to the guy who couldn’t cover a paraplegic grandmother on a deep route.

Williams is now with the Cincinnati Bengals, the team featured in this season’s HBO series “Hard Knocks” about the Bengals training camp.

So, in the first episode, the team is preparing for practice and the players are talking about a grueling session called the Oklahoma Drill. In the drill, two players line up in front of each other and try to knock each other down.

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Before the drill begins, the camera operator talks to some players, most of whom express a readiness at busting some ass. Williams, however, expresses dread. He’s clearly not anxious to go man-to-man with anybody.

I was shocked.

What happened to the Williams who was reputed for being the hardest hitting guy on the field? A safety in a linebackers body with a serial killer’s mentality? The guy who was such a tackling fiend that the NFL passed a rule in his name to prevent players from getting hurt?

That guy is apparently no more.

When it comes time for Williams to do the drill, he lines up against a rookie player who immediately drives Williams about five yards backwards and then pile drives him into the turf.

A sheepish Williams later said, “The rookie got me pretty good.”

Then he added the phrase that is quickly becoming the most over-used expression of the 21st Century.

“It is what it is,” he said.

Yes, and what it is is Williams has lost his mojo and swagger in addition to his game.


  1. Yes, Cubby, a TV recap with a brilliant point or two thrown in for free.

    Some people don’t have time to watch every show on TV. I willingly sacrifice my time and social life to do the heavy lifting for them, view the obscure but important shows, and then report any interesting findings. I’m like a public servant. That’s just the way I roll.

    You on the other hand are like a big hairy animal that gets its nose stuck in honey jars.