"All aboard! Next stop! My bedroom!"
"All aboard! Next stop! My bedroom!"

Apparently in the Big Apple, hipsters are rocking beer guts. Proudly. The look is called the Ralph Kramden. (I’m not making this up.) The Times has the story.


“I sort of think the six-pack abs obsession got so prissy it stopped being masculine,” says Aaron Hicklin, the editor of Out magazine. The Times story goes on to say that “What once seemed young and hot, for gay and straight men alike, now seems passé. Like manscaping, spray-on tans, and other metrosexual affectations, having a belly [that you] can bounce quarters off suggests that you may have too much time on your hands.”

Hicklin added: “It’s not cool to be seen spending so much time fussing around about your body.”

Yeah, who needs working out. Heart disease, chronic back pain, and diabetes are sexy. Hopefully, however, the fad won’t take as long as martinis and indie-rock to get to the Fort.