I was re-reading “No One Here Gets Out Alive” the other day and was amused by the recollection of how Doors singer Jim Morrison was fooling around with anagrams and discovered that the letters from his name could be used to spell Mr Mojo Risin, which he ended up using in the lyrics to “LA Woman.”

So I decided to see how the letters in the names of Fort Worth Weekly’s writers could be rescrambled.

My first and last name didn’t provide much, but when I used my complete formal name – Jeffrey Blake Prince – I came up with “Fancy Jerk Feeble RIP.”

the blok rectangle

Here are some others.

Eric Griffey = Effigy Crier
Anthony Mariani = I’m A Nanny Hot Air
Peter Gorman = Grr! Mean Poet
Kristian Lin = Stinkin Liar

Hmm, I’m sensing a theme here. The only anagram that seemed totally askew was this one:
Daniel McGraw = Warm Nice Glad