In mainstream America’s version of Whitney Houston’s fall from grace, Houston was the angelic singer who thrilled us with her soaring vocals and attracted us with her smooth skin and beguiling smile before being lured into marriage by troublemaker Bobby Brown, who turned her into an anorexic cokehead and tabloid queen.

That perception was quickly overturned with Bravo’s airing in 2005 of the reality TV series “Being Bobby Brown.” Houston came off as a diva with capital D(ouchebag) and dished out every bit as much malice and idiocy as Brown.

I’ll never look at her the same again.

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The Hollywood Reporter wasn’t kidding when they called the show “the most disgusting and execrable series ever to ooze its way onto television.”

Naturally, it was a hit. I loved that show.

But Houston refused to appear after that first disastrously wonderful season and “Being Bobby Brown” quickly faded.

In 2007, Houston hooked up with record producer Clive Davis again to record a studio album that would put her back in the pop game.

After three years in the making, “I Look To You” is out this week amid resounding yawns.

Reviews range from good to bad to worse.


  1. Well how surprising. No one deserves a second chance according to some closed minded people.

    Once a person has rehabilitated them self they deserve forgiveness AND a second chance.
    Look out for the Haters, Whitney. Misery loves company.

  2. Whitney’s New Album Has At Least Three Platinum Cuts on it.
    “I Look to You” and “Worth It” are SURE FIRE WINNERS
    “Million Dollar Bill”, “I Got You” , “Nothing But Love” and
    “Call You Tonight” are All Definite Contenders.

  3. I say “Good for you Whitney!!” I wish you much success in your career. You have been given the opportunity to turn your life around, everyone deserves the chance to improve themselves. Move forward for yourself and your daughter. Best wishes!

  4. Everyone makes their own choices and being a celebrity is an exception. Whitney made a choice to be with Bobby Brown, abuse drugs, and ruin her singing career. With out listening to her album I give her a 10 for making a choice to move on and respect herself.

  5. opps! typoerror. A celebrity is NOT an exception to making bad choices. Keep up the great work for any one who changes for the better.

  6. LOVE Whitney-HATE album. Her voice is not anywhere near what it used to be and ALL of the songs are obviously reflect. It will do well, make lots of money & I’m happy for her for that but if you are looking for GOOD, high-quality music from a singer with a great voice and you are w Whitney fan, don’t buy this CD…just listen to her old stuff and remember her when she could really sing.

  7. I will always luv you Whitney. I prayed for the day when I would see you turn your life around. Keep your head held high and do well, Luv u……….You are proof that God can do anything but fail.