Unless I missed it, Governor Perry has been awfully quiet in regard to the news–though not new news exactly–that Cameron Todd Willingham was put to death under his watch in 2004 for a crime that was never committed. Willingham was found guilty of arson leading to the deaths of his three young daughters in his home in Corsicana in 1991. He maintained his innocence right up until they put the needles in his arm.
But before Willingham was executed, Perry had on his desk a report from renowned arson investigator Gerald Hurst indicating that the fire was an accident, not arson. And Perry ignored it.
Last week Craig Beyler, another arson expert, released a report equally damning of the decision to call an accidental fire arson. The story is given full play in a feature by David Grann in the current issue of the New Yorker.
Willingham was put to death in a case where there was no crime committed. It happened on Perry’s watch while he had a report explaining it. He did nothing. Now there’s a new report. He’s saying nothing. His silence speaks volumes.


  1. Hmmm, no news from the Governor on murdering an innocent man. Maybe he thinks it will just go away. He would be wrong. How about there is no chance of higher office for this clown now since that will be front and center of any campaign. Maybe instead of running a modern day Auschwitz he should try to protect the innocent people of Texas. Just ask Todd Willingham’s family.

  2. This isn’t the first and sadly possibly not the last until the killing machine stops turning. Gregory Wright was and still is an innocent man who was murdered by the state of Texas in 2008. I hope his wife gets her closure in 4 years when it is also proven. My heart goes to the mother of Willingham’s kids who died in that tragic accident, but it is Gov. Perry and the state of Texas who have dredged it back up.
    Sharon Killer is currently on trial to have her removed as she decided it was her decision that Michael Richard should die. Perry should follow her to trial and face removal for his negligent decision. He should be sentenced to LWOP under the Texas Law of Parties.

  3. Don’t compare Willingham and Wright to a person like Richard. Richard was without a doubt guilty.

    His last minute appeal was about whether or not lethal injection was cruel and unusual punishment .

    Putting these men in the same catagory is a slap in the face to the families of the innocent.