I’ve never sampled the wings at Wing Stop, now being touted incessantly as “the official wings of the Dallas Cowboys,” but their TV ad featuring Troy Aikman and Jerry Jones mock-squabbling over the last wing cracks me up every time. The humor doesn’t arise from anything intentional. Rather, high comedy comes from watching Jerry Jones try to fake a sense of humor. He can’t stand to be challenged by anyone, not even in an entirely scripted, supposed-to-be-light-hearted TV context. Watching his eyes pop maniacally and his incisors flash as he growls, “That means Wing Stop is the official sponsor of ME,” I’m reminded of Rutger Hauer in “Blade Runner” right before he drove his thumbs into the eyesockets of some poor schlub who crossed him.

Arlington, you better be glad you embraced The Stadium. Otherwise, you would’ve been escorted by two dark-suited “assistants” late one night to the back of a waiting stretch limo: “Mr. Jones respectfully requests a meeting with you…”