Ellen DeGeneres isn’t a bad pick to replace Paula Abdul as an “American Idol” judge but I’m reserving my cartwheels for awhile.

Nobody on the judging panel has ever been (purposely) funny on that show, other than the occasional zinger from Simon Cowell.


DeGeneres will up the yuks, but she can be long-winded. And I’ve already written about how four judges is at least one too many.

On the plus side, DeGeneres’ taste in romantic partners ensures she won’t be purring like a kitty, snuggling with Cowell, making his nipples hard, and nauseating most of America.

Now if they would only get Dave Chappelle to replace Randy Jackson, and hire Courtney Love to replace Kara DioGuardi, and we’d have us an interesting show.


  1. I am so happy for Paula and whatever she does with her career, i will always respect her decisions. I am so hoping for a talk show! That would be amazing! XO