Just to rile things up a bit, this former New Yorker is going go on record as saying the Cowboys are gonna get beat tonight when they play the Giants.
I know that’s heresy here in the heartland, but I think the Giants are too strong on both sides of the ball for the Boys.
Score? No idea. Not a prognosticator of point spreads. Just a Giant fan who wants it a close enough game to keep it interesting–for the fans.
As to the stadium, I was there when it was being built and got to cross both then-future goal lines, so I’ve already got two tds in the monument Jones built. It is pretty magnificent. After tonight, and until they meet the Giants or Jets again, I hope the Cowboys win, win, win.
Just not against the NY teams.


  1. You better be careful Peter or you’ll start getting death threats like I do. Thank goodness for the Cowboys so we don’t have to think about gas wells for awhile. BTW: Did you notice the NFL point spread for PACS? The Cowboys put their bets on Republicans.