The Rev. Kyev Tatum, the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Ft. Worth/Tarrant County chapter, is calling for Fort Worth police officers to be relieved of their Taser weaponry. He’s also calling for the termination from the FWPD of the officers involved in both the Michael Patrick Jacobs, Jr., Taser death and in the more recent, non-lethal multi-tasering of Marcus Swiat, who was blasted eight times outside a club.

Tatum cites the recent termination of two police officers from the Glenrock, Wyoming PD after they used their Taser weaponry five times on Bud Grose, a 76-year-old man who was driving an antique tractor in the annual Glenrock Deer Creek Days parade. Grose, who failed to heed a traffic command from one of the officers, survived.

According to a letter Tatum sent to more than a dozen Ft. Worth and state officials, including the mayor and police chief, “The SCLC again call for a state and federal Investigation into illegal use of tasers by the Fort Worth Police
Department on innocent humans.”