The Sunday Night Football crew (Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth) oohed and aahed and drooled all over the new Dallas Cowboys stadium during last week’s game with the Giants.


Last night’s Monday Night Football crew (Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Jon Gruden) said little about the stadium during last night’s win over the Carolina Panthers. When they did talk about Jerry’s Spaceship, they were more likely to point out flaws, joking about whether punters would hit the mammoth scoreboard, noting that the large windows and glass doors will allow afternoon sun in to cause visual problems for wide receivers, and complaining that the game clock was in a “terrible spot.”

The MNF crew blows in general, but they had some good points about the stadium. The crowd seemed much louder last night and I was wondering why until one of the broadcasters mentioned that the roof was closed, which increased the crowd’s volume. Jaworski gets a bit excited and blustery at times, but he’s got great football insight and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.

I had to consult Jimbo my football fanatic friend from East Texas for his take on the game and the broadcast crew:

“I’ll take the win, but frankly I was more impressed with the loss to New York than this win,” he said. “Tony Romo appeared to be playing timid.”

As for the crew: “Jon Gruden failed to say one insightful thing all night long,” Jimbo said. “He is the classic coach on hiatus who doesn’t want to offend any owners or players in case he winds up as a coach for them. I don’t know why they insist on hiring guys like that.”

Jimbo’s main concern, like so many others today in Cowboys Nation — what’s up with Felix Jones’ gimpy leg?

Jones’ running style is slicker than a snake in a bucket of snot. Every time he’d bounce up after a great run the camera would show his beatific smile. However, a 40-yard sprint down the left sideline ended with him being tackled on the sideline, and that time he didn’t bounce up, he got up slowly and with a concerned look on his face. Viewers saw him limping off the field as the station went to a commercial break.

Later, he was diagnosed with a strained knee and spent most of the evening pedaling a stationary bike and looking forlorn. Jones has battled an array of injuries during his short NFL stint. An MRI today should reveal if there is anything serious to worry about.

Arlington folks pissed off about spending millions of dollars to build Jerry World and then barely getting mentioned during games were surely angered by Chris Berman’s halftime show.

Berman told a huge TV audience to log on to, which serves the “Dallas-Fort Worth area” for news about the “Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, and Stars.”

Funny thing, two of those teams are in Arlington and none are in Fort Worth and yet Arlington wasn’t mentioned and Fort Worth was.

My game ball goes to Tashard Choice on offense, and Jay Ratliff on defense.

My “Bench The No-Good Bum Award” goes to Flozell Adams on offense and Ken Hamlin on defense. (And, Bobby Carpenter, I’ve got my eye on you too.)

My “Separated At Birth Award” goes to Wade Phillips and Newt Gingrich.


  1. One of those idiot broadcasters kept talking about how the Cowboys aint as good without Terrell Owens, but look at what Owens has done in Buffalo — only one touchdown in three games, the team has won only one game, TO is at war with the Buffalo media and refusing to do interviews, etc. Thanks but we’ll stick with Roy Williams and the rest.

  2. I agree with everything you said, Dragon Fly, but you can’t deny TO’s production as a part of OUR offense. I think that’s what they were pointing out. What he does when he goes to a bad team that can’t utilize him is irrelevant when considering what he could be doing for us. Again, all of that matters little since he’s a cancer, which is why we are theoretically better off without that production.