David Letterman has never struck me as particularly talented, just surly and a little slow. Admirers have long defended Dave’s godawful interview skills as proof that “Late Show” is “the anti-talk show.” I enthusiastically agree, and will extend that idea further: Letterman is the anti-comic – anti-insightful, anti-curious about his fellow human beings, and, worst of all, anti-funny.

“Late Show” is a kind of senior living center for sarcasm: Despite being put through half-hearted exercises in the activity room – The Top Ten List! On the Street Segments! Interruptions by That Annoying Shit Paul Shaffer! — irony still begs to be euthanized before the musical guest hits the stage.

Obviously, though, Dave is not against messing with his female staff. So the sadly aging fratboy was forced to publicly confess to an unspecified number of affairs with “Late Show” employees during a 23 year relationship with his apparently invisible girlfriend-turned-wife. Why? To “protect my family” from the publicity that would de facto ensue from the extortionist’s campaign .

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Let’s survey the situation: A late night comic and latter-day “family man” gets endless mileage off the sexual shenanigans of public figures – including the unwed, pregnant 18 year old daughter of an obnoxious politician — and then whines as the spotlight invades his own chronically open zipper. Isn’t it ironic?


  1. lol…

    This Fouled up Jimmy Fowler isn’t very biased and or one-sided, now, is he?

    I deem that Fort Worth Weekly, calls on the right that they reserve, to remove this article, by their own staff, and deem it to be, overly abusive, and, offensive.

    I wonder if I can type out “shit” and have it published too?

  2. Letterman did the right thing. He didn’t allow himself to be blackmailed and he admitted to having sex with female co-workers like half the other people in America and nobody cares about that anyway except his wife. That’s their problem but not worth $2 million blackmail. Letterman was cool about it on his show and didn’t cry or anything stupid, he just told the audience what was happening and then went back to being funny like he’s always been.

  3. You may not think he’s funny, that’s your choice. (I personally favor Ferguson.)

    And he’s not being hypocritical. He had apparenly consensual sex with what I believe are of-age women on his staff. Is it a great idea to dip your pen in company ink? WHo’s to say. He is hardly an “aging fratboy.” Perhaps “a geek who is kinda funny and scores women that way” is more appropriate.

    Did he pass himself off as a family values guy? Did he have sex with someone under age? I am not clear of the statutory rape laws in Alaska.

    Letterman isn’t guilty of anything except sometimes, not being funny.