Relatively recent Weekly feature subject Mayyrh Records –– like its weird Seattle/Fort Worth brethren, Indian Casino Records –– is forging ahead with new releases, soul-destroying bottom lines and days and nights of Top Ramen be damned. The label run by Zanzibar Snails’ Nevada Hill and Michael Chamy has just released three handmade limited edition CDs/DVDrs –– all three feature screen-printed designs by noted graphic designer/artist Hill and are packaged in vellum sleeves. One of the releases is Age of Disinformation, 45 minutes of live experimental improv by a one-time North Texas supergroup of vocalist Aaron Gonzalez (Yells at Eels, Akkolyte), analog patch synthist Jon Teague (drummer for The Great Tyrant, and the defunct yet still vital Yeti), guitarist Kenny Withrow (Tidbits, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians), and several other participants. Another release is D & N 2, the full-length, wool-packaged (no kidding) debut from Hill and occasional Snail David Lee Price. The third Mayyrh release is the Snails’ Journey Into Amazing Caves, a CD/DVD double featuring visuals by Price and the kind of aural mind-blowery that not long ago caught the attention of the estimable U.K. magazine Wire and allowed for the Snails to sit in with Black Flag’s Greg Ginn. Copies are available locally at Good Records in Dallas, Recycled Books in Denton, and, if you’re in Austin, End of an Ear; online via Mayyrh’s website.

Zanzibar Snails next recording will be out soon on New York’s Tape Drift Records.