Hold It Now Films and director Patrick Johnson are shooting an indie feature around Fort Worth called “The High Schooler’s Guide to College Parties.” As the title suggests, it’s a comedy – the story concerns a high school senior who throws a party to impress his obnoxious older cousin, the top dog at an elite college fraternity.

All the major roles have been cast. But Johnson and the producers are looking for extras to flesh out crowd scenes. The extras sought are of two types: college-aged young adults (or those who look like they are) and high school-aged teenagers (or those who look like they are). The scenes to be shot: An off-campus college costume party and gym/cafeteria scenes at a high school.

Extras won’t be paid, but they’ll be fed and know the glory of helping out on (and getting face time in) a Fort Worth indie comedy. Shooting dates are nights and days December 10, 13, 15-17, and the 19th. Please send contact info to extras casting director Jennifer Munoz at Also check out the Facebook page for “The High Schooler’s Guide to College Parties.”